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Classified Ads


Cheesemaking Equipment For Sale

Qualtech Vat/Pasteurizer – 1000 lb vat for sale, including 2 pen Anderson chart recorder, steam airspace heater, lids, and matching curd knives designed specifically for this vat. $17,500.

Hauling Tank – A custom 600g milk hauling tank that hauls AND refrigerates milk. Tank and trailer were assembled in spring of 2020, only used for a few months with last use in July of 2020. Features a 600g Mueller bulk tank with compressor, CIP wash controls with wand washer, and a double axle bumper pull trailer. $6,500

Ripening Racks/Bases – 3 Fromagex bases with wheels and 30 stainless ripening racks 630x510mm. $100/base + $10/rack

Contact Tyler via email at [email protected] for more photos and pricing.

Cheesemaking Company For Sale

Are you looking to start making cheese or add to your lineup of products? Couet Farm and Fromagerie (CFF) is an award-winning brand with an excellent reputation for high quality and care.

For sale are CFF’s unique recipes that have won multiple regional and international awards (ACS included), CFF’s 3rd party-audited policies and procedures, customer lists, branding, and equipment. Real estate may also be considered if buyer wishes to continue production in original facility. Please contact Marie-Laure for details: cheese AT couetfarm DOT com





Herdsman/cheesemaker Opportunity

3 Level Farm, located in South China, Maine, hosts several business enterprises on the 142 acres that make up the farm. A goat dairy and cheese making space, cut flower production, cultivated mushrooms and the vegetable production ground for Dig Deep Farm all make use of the property. Owner of the dairy goat herd and creamery, Christopher Hahn is hoping to transition out of dairy goat care and creamery production and is looking for someone to assume responsibility for the herd and dairy production. These activities would become the sole enterprise for the new herdsman/cheesemaker. The farm community, currently three families and a few others, has room to grow and would imagine that the herdsman/dairy producer would formally join the community after a suitable trial period and as a part of the completed transition. Currently dairy products are sold from the farm store and several farmers markets. Fresh and aged cheeses, yogurt, milk and meat all contribute to the dairy’s income. The land could support considerably more animals than the eleven milking does in this year’s herd. If you find this description at all appealing, don’t hesitate to inquire. [email protected]. Check us out at

Investment / Partnership opportunity

Seeking investment capital to grow. Either a silent partner or active partner sought.

In the current environment we are debt averse. Located in NW Colorado on 250 acres of irrigated ground. We have a tremendous opportunity. Seeking capital to help grow out operation with the addition of a lidding, sealing And filling machine, for our chèvre style cheese.

This additional capital will allow us to reduce staffing and grow our sales through our distribution Network. An active investor could bring both cash and sweat equity to the operation. Housing available long term.

Contact John Weibel at [email protected] to inquire.

Soft cheese production equipment for sale. Buyer responsible for arranging shipping. Email [email protected] for details.

ALPMA KBA Coagulation Vats –400 Liter vats (QTY:4), pneumatic tipping, curd knives, distribution chutes and (6) 5×8 filling funnels, drain table with whey recovery, stirring paddle, air hose reel. Drain Table Interior dimensions: 126″ X 32″, holds 6 Servi Block Moulds (see below). ($50000)

SERVI Block Moulds, 5 X 8 Grouping, diameter Ø85mm Made with sanitary polypropylene. Height: 70mm. Outside dimensions: 448 X 713mm (50 units-$130 each)


SERVI Block Mould Extensions – Made in polypropylene copolymer to work with SERVI Block Molds, 35 mm tall (27 Units – $80 each)

SERVI Drain Trays (New) – Double Sided Polypropylene Drain tray with integrated draining mat. 469 X 718mm mat dimension. (22 units -$180 each)


SERVI Drain Trays (Used) – Double Sided Polypropylene Drain tray with integrated draining mat. 469 X 718mm mat dimension. (28 units -$100 each)


SERVI Aging Racks – 750x510x100mm Ripening Racks, Double wire frame. (315 units/$30 each)



ALPMA Floor Frame Carts and Drawbar Lift Roller for above racks. 2 fixed legs with plastic sliders and 2 plastic wheels. This floor rack is equipped with 2 sets of 4 receptions for the legs of the racks to accommodate single stacking at 100mm spacing, or double stacking with 50 mm spacing. (7 bases, 1 Lift Roller, $4,850)


SAFRAIR TH 6801– Ripening Room air handling system. For room around 40 square meters. Includes Opto 22 control panel and software for custom control, RTD’s, Temperature controls, Digital inputs and outputs, Analog and serial inputs. ($51,000)




SPI 41 – Stainless Products, centrifugal pump, close coupled to a Baldor 1.5 HP 1800 rpm Stainless washdown motor. 3/60/230-460V. Fixed on a mobile base with 460 VAC VFD for speed control ($1900)






We are a state of the art Dairy & Creamery, centrally located to Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis markets. We are Certified Humane and produce premium artisan cheese using milk from our own cows.

We are located on approximately 6 acres, including grazing land, with up to 10 additional acres available. Buildings include:

  • A cheese production building with refrigerated storage, climate controlled aging rooms, 400 gallon DuoVat with steam injection system, and a retail store.
  • An 18,000 square foot dairy barn, with office, kitchen, bedroom and full bath.

Interested parties should e-mail us at [email protected] for more information.