Committee Service

We’re looking for volunteer leaders to serve on our committees/panels and help identify and provide resources and support services for our membership. To ensure equity and inclusion in the nomination process, so we’re asking anyone interested in joining a committee or panel to self-nominate by filling out a short application

Committee/panel service is a volunteer role, which we know is not always an option for some members of our community. If you are passionate and have an interest in serving but have barriers, please reach out to us.

Groups actively looking for new members are the Certification Committee, Education Committee, and the Marketing Advisory Panel. Learn more about the work each committee does and to discover where your talents might be needed. While our other committees/panels are not actively recruiting, we welcome interested parties to still fill out the form. Applications for other groups will be reviewed as needed.

Committee Governance

Committees are collaborative working groups with representatives from the ACS Managment Team, our volunteer committee members and leaders, and the ACS Board of Directors. Some of our committees are mandated by the ACS Bylaws, like the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Nominating Committee. ACS Bylaws  provide the governing and reporting structure of our commitees.

Committee terms are in alignment with ACS Board of Directors term limits. One term of service is three years, and members may participate in up to two consecutive terms for a total of six years on a committee. This gives adequate time for members to learn and understand the committee’s work, while also opening up space on committees for new participation from members.