Committee Service

Much of ACS’s work is accomplished through volunteer efforts provided by ACS committee members and advisory panels. Certain committees (Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Nominating Committee) are mandated by the ACS Bylaws, which detail their makeup. ACS Bylaws also require that committee chair(s) provide periodic reports to the Board of Directors to keep them abreast of activities. Not all chairs are members of the Board of Directors, except in the cases where the association’s Bylaws require it. To ensure open, two-way communications between the Board and committees, a director serves as Board Liaison on each committee.

Committee Eligibility

Membership on standing committees is open to any current member of the American Cheese Society. All members are encouraged to participate in ACS committee or advisory panel work where their time and special talents allow. If you wish to be a contributing member of any of the committees or panels listed below, please contact the committee chair or ACS staff liaison, and inform them of your interest. Some committees are limited in size, and in these cases a waiting list is maintained to track interested future members.

Committee Governance

Committee service is in alignment with ACS Board of Directors term limits. One term of service is three years, and members may participate in up to two consecutive terms for a total of six years on a committee. This gives adequate time for members to learn and understand the committee’s work, while also opening up space on committees for new participation from members. In certain instances, a committee member’s role, expertise, and/or historical contribution may make that volunteer essential to the committee’s smooth operation. The Board will be kept abreast of any instances where committee members’ service is ending and where these members may be considered for ad hoc advisory roles instead.

Committee Chairs serve for no more than two years in that role in addition to their six years of service on the Committee. Where no adequate replacement has been identified, an exemption may be requested with Board approval to extend this by one year.

Committees and Advisory Panels

Certification Committee
Conference Host Committee
Education Committee
Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Judging & Competition Committee
Nominating Committee
Regulatory & Academic Committee
Marketing & Communications Advisory Panel
Sponsorship Advisory Panel
Scholarship Selection Panel