Best Practices Guide for Cheesemakers

In 2016, ACS released its Best Practices Guide for Cheesemakers (Guide). ACS members requested such a resource, and by way of response, this Guide was created to encompass currently accepted best practices for cheesemaking. The second edition of the Guide, published in February 2017, includes updates based on changing regulations, incorporates direct feedback and clarification from reviewers at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, and provides more current resources and templates where available.

This Guide provides an easy reference for busy cheesemakers—especially small- to mid-size producers—one which can be readily accessed. Regulatory agencies and academics provide information in great detail, but it is often buried within volumes of text. This Guide gleans the key requirements, suggestions, and practices from that vast sea of information, and condenses them into a more easily digestible format written in more accessible language. We hope you will find that the information provided in this Guide is useful and answers some of your key questions.

Please keep in mind that this is not a static document. The Guide will continually grow and change based on feedback from members, academics, regulators, and others. The ACS Regulatory & Academic Committee will review and update the Guide accordingly, publishing updates as needed to keep up with changing regulations and scientific advances. Please send any comments on the Guide to Nora Weiser, ACS Executive Director, at nweiser[at]


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