Judging & Competition FAQs

How are entries judged?

Judges work in teams of two: one Technical and one Aesthetic. Technical Judges deduct points for flaws and defects from a perfect score of 50; Aesthetic Judges award points for outstanding characteristics and qualities to a maximum of 50. Learn more about the ACS Judging Process. 

How much cheese should I send, and how should I send it?

  • If your product weighs 25 lbs. or more in its whole, original form, a 5-10 lb. cut is sufficient for judging and will be accepted. Cuts should conform to industry norms for retail cuts, i.e. (pie slice shape for wheels, loaf shape for blocks, etc.) and should reflect the shape of the original form, INCLUDING the rind.
  • For block forms please send 20lbs.
  • Any cheese or dairy product that weighs under 1 lb. in whole form will require a minimum of 6 pieces. If product integrity will be compromised by shipping less than a full retail case, we will accept a full retail case.

How are entries awarded?

Minimum scores are required to earn awards and each entry is evaluated on its own merit. Learn more about the ACS Judging process. 

When will I receive my award and/or scores?

Winners of the ACS Judging & Competition will be announced at the ACS Annual Conference, which is held each year in July. Winners present at the Awards Ceremony will be presented a medal honoring their placement. Shortly after the conference, you will receive a copy of the score sheet(s) for each of your entries, including the judges’ comments, overall scores, and the number of entries per category.  Winners will also receive an official award medal for each winning entry.

What happens to my entries after they are judged?

ACS will donate the leftover cheese to a charitable organization.