Programming is central to ACS’s Mission & Values of providing educational resources and networking opportunities to individuals and organizations within the cheese industry. ACS accomplishes this by offering various types of programming geared towards members of the cheese industry. We are excited to present a range of offerings designed to create the same sense of education and community that our industry has come to know and enjoy each and every year since ACS’ founding in 1983.

Industry Event Calendar

Hosting a class or festival or event? Post on the Industry Event Calendar

ACS Webinars

Timely and topical educational content driven by the ACS Education Committee to edify maker, monger and retailer alike. View and register for upcoming webinars here, and also on the ACS Event Calendar. Access to ACS Webinars is limited to ACS Members. With hundreds attending live, the webinars are also archived for member reference in the American Cheese Education Foundation Webinar ArchiveHave a topic and want to present ? Submit your Webinar Proposal.

The ACS Annual Conference

The ACS Conference is the premier educational event for the industry, providing a platform for networking opportunities and educational sessions that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the ACS Body of Knowledge. The 40+ educational sessions offered, emphasizing food safety, cheesemaking, and business principles and practices, are selected by the ACS Education Committee based on proposals from our membership and beyond. Interested in presenting at the Conference? See our Call for Presentations.


ACS offers two industry certifications: ACS Certified Cheese Professional® and ACS Certified Cheese Sensory Evaluator™. These certifications are designed to recognize and elevate the skills and expertise of industry professionals. Learn more about the benefits of ACS Certification.

Judging & Competition

The ACS Judging & Competition, at the heart of ACS programming from its founding, is a blind competition that not only shines a spotlight on the achievements of our members, but also provides valuable feedback from Technical and Aesthetic judges to cheesemakers who have entered their products into the competition.