Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The ACS Strategic plan was developed with broad-based direction from stakeholders coupled with a proactive eye to the industry’s future. This multi-phased strategic planning process included:

  • Board of Directors Self-Assessment and Analysis
  • Member Satisfaction Survey
  • Post-Conference Survey
  • State of the Artisan and Specialty Cheese Industry Survey
  • Denver Management Team Strategic Visioning/Planning
  • Board of Directors Strategic Visioning/Planning
  • Board Approved initiatives, goals, strategies, tactics, and timeline

By incorporating so many points of information and so many in-depth steps, the plan responds to member needs by specifically addressing areas of concern through targeted efforts to advance the industry. The plan identifies three Key Initiatives tied to the three Core Values of ACS: Engagement, Education, and Sustainability.

2021-2024 Strategic Goals and Objectives
(revised 05-18-2022) 

Goal 1 – Respond to Climate Change  

Identify industry impact on the environment by inventorying existing practices using academic partners to provide a series of prioritized recommendations for the best practices for member businesses to address climate change, access resources to further reduce environmental impact, and messaging to inform consumers on industry contributions.  

Key objectives/Milestones 

  1. Inventory general, positive, and negative impacts of existing practices using academic partners. Collect data through follow-up surveys to J&C submittals
  2. Identify, benchmark, and prioritize opportunities for impact reduction  
  3. Assist members in accessing government and other resources to support further impact reduction
  4. Quantify financial and public relations costs and benefits
  5. Create messaging to inform consumers on industry contributions to mitigate environmental impact 


Goal 2 – Diversify Education Programs   

Provide focused educational programs to targeted audiences using diversified delivery methods and locations based on the needs of the ACS membership. 

Key objectives/Milestones 

  1. Inventory current ACS educational offerings and resources
  2. Identify gaps in educational offerings and resources based on industry needs by conducting a member survey 
  3. Based on the existing resources and identified gaps, develop a framework for a comprehensive ACS program that delivers targeted education and resources to specific segments of ACS membership/cheese industry using various delivery formats in different locations.
  4. Delivery of programs to targeted audiences in different locations based on member needs.  


Goal 3 – Collaborate to Promote Cheese Industry   

ACS will build a system to develop strategic partnerships to promote and provide resources for the cheese industry to increase value for our members. 

Key objectives/Milestones 

  1. Identify gaps and opportunities for collaboration in areas such as advocacy, funding, sponsorship, marketing, technology, and certification.
    (Mine existing data and/or query the membership: what do they need in both B2C and B2B realms?) 
  2. Find Partners and vet organizations with complimentary competencies to partner with members.
  3. Onboard partners with goals and milestones. Create framework to match partners and members for collaborative work…i.e. registry or database of contacts and services.  
  4. Measure the benefit: Member satisfaction and partner progress reporting. ACS Communicates Progress to Members. 


Goal 4 – Create a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Framework   

Develop frameworks and processes with a DEIB lens that guide organizational decisions on programming, policies, and operations. 

Key objectives/Milestones 

  1. Recruit individual members for a task force to represent a broad spectrum of the membership, with a particular focus on individuals from underrepresented and marginalized communities. 
  2. Task force will complete a systematic audit of current programming and policies.
  3. Task Force will draft framework, guidelines and benchmarks for success.