American Cheese Society Certifications

The American Cheese Society offers two industry certifications: ASC Certified Cheese Professional® & ACS Certified Cheese Sensory Evaluator™. To obtain these certifications, eligibility criteria must be met and an exam must be passed. Discover more information about these certifications, the exams, and eligibility criteria here.

ACS CCP® Certification

The ACS Certified Cheese Professional® Exam (ACS CCP® Exam) offers professionals in the cheese industry the opportunity to earn the distinguished title of ACS Certified Cheese Professional® or ACS CCP®. The letters ACS CCP designate that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and competencies necessary to work effectively within all domains of the cheese industry, and is dedicated to continuing their professional development.

An online directory of individuals with the ACS CCP designation is available for reference by organizations and individuals seeking employees, giving ACS CCPs and their employers a strong competitive edge.

ACS T.A.S.T.E.™ Certification

An ACS Certified Cheese Sensory Evaluator™ (CCSE™) has successfully passed the ACS T.A.S.T.E. Test™, thus demonstrating the ability to evaluate cheese using sensory and organoleptic assessments. The ACS CCSE™ certification is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects a commitment to the best possible care for cheese and service to those who love it.

ACS CCP® Authorized Educators

Cheese educators serve as a vital resource for individuals preparing to attain their ACS Certified Cheese Professional® (ACS CCP®) designation. The ACS CCP® Authorized Educator Program (AEP) authorizes individuals or organizations offering education that aligns with any or all of the ACS Body of Knowledge (BOK) domains and Job Task Areas that are integral to the ACS CCP® Exam. This allows qualified educators the opportunity to use the licensed trademark ACS Certified Cheese Professional® (ACS CCP®) and the ACS CCP® Authorized Educator logo in promoting their educational offerings.