About Us

ACS is the leading organization supporting the understanding, appreciation, and promotion of artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses produced in the Americas. At more than 2,100 members strong – nearly a doubling of membership in its last decade of operation – ACS provides the cheese community with educational resources and networking opportunities, while encouraging the highest standards of cheesemaking focused on safety and sustainability.

The ACS Universe


ACS members identify themselves according to the following professional demographics:

  • 41% Cheesemakers*
  • 22% Retailers
  • 12% Distributors/Brokers
  • 4% Trade Equipment Suppliers
  • 4% Advisers/Academics/Students
  • 3% Specialty Food Producers
  • 3% Enthusiasts, who are mainly consumers
  • 2% Restaurants/Food Service/Chefs
  • 2% Media/Writers/Public Relations
  • 7% Other

 *includes producers of other cultured dairy products