Call for Webinar Presentations

ACS offers online education for ACS members at no cost throughout the year in the form of educational webinars courtesy of the ACE Foundation.

ACS is the leading organization supporting the understanding, appreciation, and promotion of artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses produced in the Americas. At more than 2,000 members strong – ACS provides the cheese community with educational resources and networking opportunities, while encouraging the highest standards of cheesemaking focused on safety and sustainability.

Whether you are an ACS member or not, we want to hear from YOU! Your knowledge and expertise are important to keeping our industry strong.

Do you have broad experience as a presenter (working with and speaking to diverse audiences)? Is your content fresh and highly relevant to cheese industry professionals or enthusiasts? Would your audiences describe you as a dynamic presenter?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then you meet ACS’s qualifications for a speaking position—and we encourage you to submit a proposal! Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

For webinar proposals, please email [email protected] with your topic and ideas.



Webinar proposals are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • overall quality
  • relevance to the industry
  • well-defined focus within the content areas
  • practical application of material
  • timeliness of the topic
  • speaker qualifications

To be considered as a speaker, your program must be educational in nature—sales presentations will not be accepted. In addition, your material should be original: otherwise, sources must be referenced.


Programs should last 45 minutes, which includes a brief period for Q&A after the 45 minute presentation. Webinars are broadcast live and recorded using Zoom. Webinar recordings are made available after the presentation to ACS Members. Review the ACS Series here.


Presentations are submitted with the understanding that these are volunteer presenter roles.

For webinar proposals, please email [email protected] with your topic and ideas.


Not interested in submitting a proposal but have some ideas for programming, webinars, or speakers? Simply email [email protected] with your ideas. We’d love to hear them!