ACS Scholarships

For more information on named scholarships, please check out the American Cheese Education Foundation.


ACS & ACEF Conference Scholarships are now CLOSED


2023 Conference Scholarship

For the 2023 Annual American Cheese Society Conference, ACEF will grant multiple general scholarships along with a variety of named scholarships to our community.  There will be a mixture of full scholarships that cover registration, a travel stipend, and hotel cost, and also partial scholarships that cover the cost of registration to the ACS conference.

The ACS & ACEF Scholarship application were open from February 1, 2023 and closed on April 3rd, 2023.

Scholarships are open to open to cheesemakers, retailers, chefs, students, and any other cheese professionals.  ACS & ACEF encourages all members of the community to apply for scholarships!

Only one scholarship will be awarded per company, if multiple employees from a single company apply for a scholarship.  Any applicants that do not receive a scholarship will receive a discount code for the lowest cost of an American Cheese Society Conference registration.

In an effort to make the scholarship applications as open as possible, here is an example of what to expect when applications open:

  1. Name, address, email address, and phone number.
  2. Resumé or a description of your last 3 jobs
  3. Three short answers to the following:
    • How will attending the conference relate to your current position?
    • How will attending the conference help your career development?
    • What is the session you are most excited to attend this year?
  4. Some of the optional, named scholarships have an extra step and their instructions are included in the application.


The Peterson Company Scholarship for BIPOC Advancement

The American Cheese Education Foundation (ACEF) is continuing The Peterson Company Scholarship for BIPOC Advancement.

This annual scholarship will fund an Individual membership with ACS for the year, attending that year’s ACS Conference, including registration fees, hotel, and travel, and the fee to take that year’s Certified Cheese Professional® Exam.

Applicants must identify as a Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color and have been accepted to take that year’s ACS CCP™ exam.

Receiving a scholarship to the virtual conference the previous years does not preclude you from receiving a future scholarship to an in-person conference!


The Forever Cheese Scholarship for Cheesemongers

We are pleased to announce the Forever Cheese Scholarship for Cheesemongers which is open to cheesemongers who wish to attend the annual American Cheese Society conference.

The scholarship is open to all those employed as a cheesemonger at the time of application and whose employer must not be providing financial support for them to attend the conference.

The Forever Cheese Scholarship for Cheesemongers will cover costs for one person to attend the ACS conference, including registration fees, hotel, and travel. It will also cover the cost of the ACS CCP™ exam or T.A.S.T.E. Test®, if applicable.

To apply, applicants should submit a short letter explaining how they are making an impact in the cheese community in the optional field on the ACS & ACEF Scholarship application.


The Comté Association Conference Fund

The Comté Association Conference Fund is open to all applicants who have been accepted for the current year’s Certified Cheese Professional® (CCP) exam and seek to attend the American Cheese Society’s annual conference. Applicants must demonstrate financial need. Funds will be used to cover the cost of one full conference registration per recipient.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]