Board of Directors

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Larry Hedrich, President

LaClare Family Creamery

Jessica Little

Jessica Little, Vice President

Sweet Grass Dairy

Michael Koch

Mike Koch, Chair

FireFly Farms

Adam Brock

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Erin Clancy

Caves of Faribault

Sheila Flanagan

Nettle Meadow Farm & Cheese Company

Dr. Kerry Kaylegian

Pennsylvania State University

Emiliano Lee (they/them)

North Coast Co-op


Rachel Perez

Rachel Perez, Treasurer

UNFI Fresh

Julia Powers

Peterson Cheese Company

Susan Rigg

River Whey Creamery

Bill Stephenson

DPI Specialty Foods

Daniel Utano

Dan Utano (he/him)

Daniel Utano Consulting

Charuth Van Beuzekom

Dutch Girl Creamery

Britton Welsh, Secretary

Beehive Cheese Company