ACS Certified Cheese Professionals® and ACS Certified Cheese Sensory Evaluators® are required to renew their certification with ACS every three years by demonstrating continued professional development in the cheese industry. After the three-year period, candidates must submit evidence of continuing education and involvement in the cheese industry.

Please also check out the videos below with answers to general questions on the Recertification process from year to year, and watch a breakdown on How Recertification Works for both the ACS CCP® and the ACS CCSE®.

The 2022 Recertification Period is now closed.
The 2023 Recertification Period will open this fall.

In the fall, eligible applicants will receive an email from ACS with a link to apply. If you believe you are eligible to apply for recertification but didn’t receive the email, please email us at [email protected].

Recertification Requirements

Certified Cheese Professionals® applying for recertification must demonstrate:

  • Over the last 3 years, a total of one thousand (1,000) hours of any combination of paid or unpaid work experience and formal education, continuing education, or professional development in the cheese industry.


  • At ACS’s sole discretion, CCPs® and CCSEs® may be required to complete continuing education credits to be eligible to recertify. CCPs® and CCSEs® will be notified via email, CheeseBytes, and Facebook of continuing education requirements and reasonable advanced notice will be given.


The 2022 recertification deadline is November 30.


The fee to recertify is $75 (USD). This fee is waived if an applicant has attended at least one ACS Conference in the past 3 years.


Questions & Answers on the Recertification Process




Breakdown Video of Recertification Process


Apply for Recertification

Applications for recertification will be accepted online in the fall of the year the Certification expires.

Class Next Year Required to Recertify
2012 2024, 2027
2013 2022, 2025
2014 2023, 2026
2015 2024, 2027
2016 2022, 2025
2017 2023, 2026
2018 2024, 2027
2019 2022, 2025
2020 2023, 2026