Fête de Noël Avec Fromage: Meal Planning for the Holidays

A guest post from Carolyn K.

Nothing says holiday party quite like cheese.  From a simple baked Brie to a complex wine and cheese-pairing marathon, you know it’s the holiday season when cheese really gets a chance to shine.  When it comes to your meal planning, make room in the fridge, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to stock up on cheese.

Go ahead a buy a big fat slice of blue cheese.  You will be able to make a dipping sauce for a crudité, a salad dressing for greens and for fruit.  Blue cheese varieties are also great toppings for steaks and burgers.  Maybe go ahead and buy a whole wheel if you have a big family, because you can serve it plain with crackers too.

Crudité dipping sauce:
4 ounces Fromage blanc
2 Tbs. Whole Milk
2 tsp. Dry sherry
1 c. blue cheese crumbles

Mix together Fromage blanc, milk and sherry in a dish and then fold in the blue cheese variety of your choice as to not break the crumbles. Serve with fresh veggies and apples.


If your tastes run to the southwest, break out the crock-pot and whip up some queso.

1/3 lb. Mexican style chorizo
3 sliced Cremini mushrooms
1 diced Poblano pepper
1 c. Asadero cheese
1 c. Monterey Jack cheese

In a skillet sauté chorizo, mushrooms and pepper till sausage is cooked through and the mushrooms and peppers are soft.  Place the mixture in the crock-pot with both cheeses and stir occasionally till everything melts together and serve in the warming dish with soft, heated tortillas.

Enjoy this holiday season with friends and family, but also plenty of cheese, of course.  Your meal planning template can include lots of cheese options that are versatile enough to work easily into many dishes. Don’t forget a good, plain goat cheese. It can go on anything!