Call for Conference Presentations

Cheese3 Talks

Cheese3 Talks…as in Cheese (cubed): Cheese, Creativity, Community. These short, focused sessions put cheese industry thinkers front and center to share, teach, and inspire the cheese community. The Cheese3 Talks will kick off the ACS Conference on the morning of Thursday, August 1, with an estimated audience of 950.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cheese3 speaker, here’s how to build a great talk:

  • Tell a story – and relate it to your role in the cheese industry.
  • Make it personal to you – but universal to listeners.
  • No notes – practice makes perfect, so be prepared to speak from your heart (and from memory).
  • Never a sales pitch – talk about your experiences, your business, even your products/services…but only as they apply to your presentation, not to hawk any wares!

Program Guidelines

Cheese3 Talks should ideally be presented solo, but up to two presenters may work together. Each talk should be no less than 15 minutes, no more than 18 minutes. We encourage you to use slides, PowerPoints, and videos- please use no less than 5 graphics, and no more than 20. Videos should not exceed 30 seconds. Sessions may be recorded and/or live-streamed, and in order to present a Cheese3 Talk, you agree to these terms.

Speaker Honoraria

Each Cheese3 Talk session comes with one complimentary hotel night and one complimentary full conference registration.

Submit your Proposal

The submission period for the 2019 ACS Conference has closed.

Conference Presentations

Do you have broad experience as a presenter (working with and speaking to diverse audiences)? Do you have experience presenting to audiences of 75 or more participants? Is your content fresh and highly relevant to cheese industry professionals or enthusiasts? Are your sessions interactive? Would your audiences describe you as a dynamic presenter? Have you received audience evaluations (for sessions with 75 or more participants) demonstrating excellent ratings in the 80th percentile or above?

If your answered “yes” to all of these questions, then you meet ACS’s qualifications for a speaking position—and we encourage you to submit a session proposal!

The Evaluation Process

Members of the Education Committee evaluate all proposed sessions based on the following criteria:

  • overall quality
  • relevance to the industry
  • well-defined focus within the content areas
  • practical application of material
  • timeliness of the topic
  • speaker qualifications

To be considered as a speaker, your program must be educational in nature—sales presentations will not be accepted. In addition, your material should be original: otherwise, sources must be referenced. For sessions with multiple speakers, each speaker must agree to this submission. Incomplete programs will not be considered.

Program Guidelines

Programs should last 90 minutes, which includes a brief period for Q&A. Panels should not consist of more than three speakers and one moderator (four participants total).

Speaker Honoraria

Presentations are submitted with the understanding that these are volunteer presenter roles.  As a presenter you agree to take on the expense of your travel, if required for your presentation.

Submit your Session Proposal

The submission period for the 2019 ACS Conference has closed.