Cheesemaker Dine Around


Sacramento-area restaurants are “Celebrating the American Cheese Plate” from July 29-August 1!  Restaurants are pairing up with american artisan and specialty cheesemakers for a special Sacramento Cheesemaker Dine Around while the ACS Conference & Competition is in town.  Each restaurant will take a different approach to the partnership, from small tasting plates to full meals featuring american artisan and specialty cheeses.  Some menus and featured items are offered only on the evening of Thursday, July 31, while others may be offered all week.

Contact restaurants directly to learn more about their offerings.  Please note that menus are subject to change at any time without notice.  Reservations are strongly encouraged.


Aioli with Nicasio Valley Cheese
1800 L Street, (916) 447-9440,

Please call for details or download a special menu at 


Block Butcher Bar with Rogue Creamery
1050 20th Street, (916) 706-2636,

Please call for details.


Broderick with Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese
319 6th Street, West Sacramento
(916) 372-2436,


  • Fiscalini Habanero cheddar custard with heirloom tomato salsa, cilantro gel & house made tortilla chips
  • “Smoke em if you got em” burger: Smoked pepper crusted hamburger patty topped with Fiscalini smoked cheddar, served with smoked bacon, heirloom tomatoes & arugula on a fresh onion bun with smoked paprika aioli


Capital Dime with Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery
1801 L Street #50
(916) 443-1010,


  • Bucheret grilled cheese with granny smith apples and onion jam
  • Smoked cheddar and cauliflower pierogi
  • Lamb slider with aged goat cheddar and craisin harissa
  • Eastern European ham and raw feta stuffed peppers.


Ella with Cowgirl Creamery
1131 K Street
(916) 443-3772,

Please call for details.


Esquire Grill with Brazos Valley Cheese
1213 K Street
(916) 448-8900,


  • Cheeseboards with accompaniments
  • Tempura squash blossoms stuffed with Brazos Valley Cheese
  • Smoked Gouda Mac n’ Cheese with house cured bacon
  • Stuffed Bad Moon (Brazos Valley Cheese) tortellini with Beef Filet tips, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, summer squash & basil


The Firehouse Restaurant with Mozzarella Company
1112 2nd Street
(916) 442-4772,

The Firehouse & The Mozzarella Company present special selections on July 31 from 5-9:30 PM:

  • Heirloom Tomato Napoleon: Local tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, micro basil, balsamic vinaigrette, $15
  • Mixed Greens: Heirloom cherry tomatoes, goat’s feta, candied pistachios, pickled onion, tarragon-olive vinaigrette, $7


Formoli’s Bistro with Belfiore Cheese Company
3839 J Street
(916) 448-5699,

Please call for details.


The Grange with Sartori Company
926 J Street
(916) 492-4450,

Please call for details.


Hock Farm with Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
1415 L Street
(916) 440-8888,


All week: Heirloom tomato and squash pizza with basil pesto with Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. Mozzarella

On July 31 only:

  • Bacon, Point Reyes Original Blue, lettuce, tomato & avocado mousse gougeres
  • Iceberg wedge:  house smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes, shaved radish, avocado, crispy shallot, creamy Bay Blue dressing
  • Roasted Early Girl tomato soup, Point Reyes Toma cheese toasts, basil oil
  • Summer squash and Point Reyes Mozzarella stuffed ravioli, heirloom tomato concasse, garden basil
  • Selection of Point Reyes cheeses, local honey, market fruit

Hook & Ladder with Cypress Grove Chevre
1630 S Street
(916) 442-4885,

Please call for details.


La Trattoria Bohemia with Bellwether Farms
3649 J Street
(916) 455-7803,

Offering a special menu from July 31 – August 3:

Three course prix fixe for $30

  • First: Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad with Dill, Lemon and Bellwether Farms Crème Fraiche
  • Second: Sweet Potato and Bellwether Ricotta Gnocchi with Pancetta, Chard, and Bellwether Pepato
  • Third: Bellwether Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Panna Cotta with Rhubarb Compote and Honeycomb Candy
  • Bellwether Cheese Plate Option $7
  • Wine Pairing $15
  • Beer Pairing $10


Magpie Café with Bravo Farms
1409 R Street, #102
(916) 452-7594,

Magpie will feature Bravo Farms Cheeses in several dishes to be enjoyed throughout the evening. Reservations are not accepted.


Mulvaney’s B&L with Vermont Creamery
1215 19th Street
(916) 441-6022,

Special menu featuring:

  • Fresh Crottin with Full Belly Melon, Mint, Balsamic Syrup
  • Cremont with Caramelized Onion, House Bacon and Frisee
  • Bonne Bouche atop Grilled Lanno Seco Pork Chop, Bintje Potato
  • Mascarpone with Caramel Figs and Del Rio Honey
  • Vermont Cheese Plate


One Speed with Sierra Nevada Cheese
4818 Folsom Blvd
(916) 706-1748


  • Pizza with Summer Pesto, Sierra Nevada Feta, Jimmy Nardello Peppers, Red Onions, Cherry Tomatoes



The Press with Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co.
1809 Capitol Avenue
(916) 444-2566,


Tapa trio of Vermont Farmstead cheeses for $10

  • Alehouse cheddar fondue, roasted zucchini
  • Baked angeline, figs, prosciutto
  • Aged windsordale, heirloom tomato, basil

Also offering a cheese plate with the three cheeses, local nuts and fruits, flatbread cracker, honeycomb



Red Rabbit with Marin French Cheese Co. & Laura Chenel’s Chevre
2718 J Street
(916) 706-2275,

  • Marin French Cheese Camembert (cheese plate)
  • Laura Chenel Goat Cheese, this will be in our Roasted Lamb Agnolini
  • Laura Chenel Aged Goat cheese, We will be using this as a Fritter with a Heirloom Tomato Gaspacho
  • Marin French Cheese Petit Brie, served en croute with crostini

*All Items will be on a special ACS Sheet as well as our regular menu.


Revolution Wines & Bistro with Bleating Heart Dairy
2831 S Street
(916) 444-7711,

Please call for details.


Ten 22 with Beehive Cheese Company
1022 2nd Street
(916) 441-2211,

Offering special menu items on July 29, July 30, and August 1 (3-6 pm happy hour, 4-10 pm dinner):

  • SeahHive, Honey, Sausage, & Wheat:
    Three samples of Ten22’s favorite wheat beers paired with sausage, honey comb, and SeaHive cheese
  • Beehive Tacos: Hand pressed tortillas with fresh Beehive cheese, local heirloom tomato, & jalapeno relish


Waterboy with Sierra Nevada Cheese
2000 Capitol Ave
(916) 498-9891


  • Hand-cut pappardelle with pancetta, roasted tomatoes, Sierra Nevada Chevre, pistachios, & arugula




Menu Offered July 28-August 2

  • Bellwether Farms Ricotta and peach Bruschetta with toasted pecans, basil, honey and sea salt
  • Bellwether Farms Pepato and ham grilled cheese with Shady Lady tomatoes.



Offering a 10% discount to all Conference attendees: show your badge when you dine!