“ACS Book Club of One”

Reading is Fundamental

In the daily grind of deadlines, meetings, and conference calls, it is easy to lose sight of our most important roles. Whether as an employee among hundreds, or a leader in your own business of one, success often hinges on innovation. Innovation can be found in incremental improvement — it need not only be defined by radical inventions. Changing a display that moves more product, cutting costs, finding a way to improve customer experience, making your animals more comfortable, finding a new way to show appreciation to your staff; all of these rate on the spectrum of innovation. To be innovative, it is important to look beyond your “to-do” list. You need to travel, meet new and unusual people, truly listen to others’ ideas, read, try weird and different things, and mostly, keep an open mind that always challenges the status quo.

The easiest way to explore the world, without ever leaving your chair, is to read a book. So I invite all of you to join the “ACS Book Club of One”. While I encourage any and all reading, whether an airport novel, the latest tween dystopian trilogy, or a magazine from the grocery check-out line, the “ACS Book Club of One” is about books that can impact your business, your life, and the balance between the two. Given the fast pace of today’s world and the “busy-ness” to which we all seem captive, reading 50 or 60 books is simply not going to happen. But I bet you can read one. One book. And if we each read one book — and share what we learned from it — then we can collectively gain insights that can help us lead better, live better, and achieve our own definition of success.

Interested? Here’s how the “ACS Book Club of One” works:

  • Visit AmazonSmile so your purchase supports the American Cheese Education Foundation. (Bookmark and use this link every time you shop Amazon to support the ACE Foundation!)
  • Go to “Your Lists” and select “Your Friends.” Enter “ACS Book Store” in the search box, then select “Add Friend.”
  • Scroll through the titles and pick a book! Purchase book. Read book.
  • Write a one-page summary of the book’s key messages and how they relate to your business and/or personal life. Please follow this format.
  • Email your review to Eliza Wetherill.
  • We’ll compile and post all of the summaries so that you can access them any time. You might even read a summary and be inspired to…heaven forbid…read ANOTHER book!

That’s it! You’ll read one book — but you’ll have the opportunity to read everyone else’s summaries and gain dozens of new ideas that can help you work and live better. You are the only one in your Book Club of One, so the book is your choice, and your takeaways are the only ones that matter.

If you’d like to participate, and can commit to reading a book and writing a summary by June 15, 2016, visit the ACS Facebook page to let us know. We might even send you a book from our list! Either way, I hope you’ll participate and help us grow the knowledge of ACS members one book at a time.


Nora Weiser
Executive Director


Published 3/31/16