2023 ACS Virtual Certification Exam Information


PASSWORD: 500miles


Some reminders for you:

  1. As a reminder, instructions on how to download exams are in this article: HOW TO DOWNLOAD EXAMS. 
  2. The Virtual CCP exam is split into 2 SEPARATE PARTS – just like it was for the Mandatory System Check, which also had 2 separate quizzes to download and complete. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE BOTH PARTS IN ORDER FOR YOUR EXAM TO BE ACCEPTED.
  3. You need to complete both parts of the exam by the exam end time. (Which, for reference, is: 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern, etc.)
  4. You cannot get up from your chair while in the middle of taking either Part 1 or Part 2. If you do, the proctoring software will immediately flag you for suspicious activity. Make sure you have water by your side, that you have gone to the bathroom, etc etc, before you start Part 1.
  5. After you complete and submit Part 1 of the exam, you can take a short break before starting Part 2. This allows you to get a drink, use the bathroom, stretch, etc, without the proctoring software flagging you. How long of a break you take is up to you, but please budget your time, as the exam will end at the scheduled time, regardless of the length of your break. 
  6. The proctoring software will require you to shut down all other applications, windows, etc, on your computer, in order to allow you to take the exam. So, after you receive the password (either through your email or the website), please then quit all other open programs on your computer before starting the exam.
  7. If you run into any tech issues, please contact ExamSoft Tech Support. This is a link to ExamSoft’s general Exam Taker Support pages: Exam-Taker Help Articles, or you can call their 24/7 Phone Support: US & Canada: 866-429-8889, ext. 1.