Packing and Shipping your Competition Entries

Shipping Materials are Now Available

The documents required for shipping your competition entries is now available. Log in to the Online Competition Entry System for access to your shipping materials.

Receiving Day

Your product should be shipped to arrive on Friday, July 26 only. Entries received prior to this date will be refused upon delivery and sent back to the entrant.

Judging Days

Products will be judged on Monday, July 29th and Tuesday, July 30th.

Where to Ship

Depending on the method of transportation, competition entries should be shipped to:

FedEx/UPS/USPS Shipments
Greater Richmond Convention Center
Attn: ACS Convention/(Your Company Name/Judging & Competition)
403 North 3rd Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Private Carrier and Hand Deliveries
Greater Richmond Convention Center
Attn: ACS Convention/(Your Company Name/Judging & Competition)
303 East Leigh Street
Richmond, VA 23219

  • Hand-deliveries will be accepted from 10am- 3pm on Receiving Day. Ask for the ACS Receiving Manager to check your product in upon your arrival.

Shipping Documents

Entrants will be notified by email when the required shipping materials are available. Entrants will be able to print the following:

Shipping Labels

These labels indicate that your shipment is for ACS Judging & Competition. You must affix these labels to the outside of your package(s) to clearly identify your shipment. If you are shipping product for other conference related events, those labels will be sent to you separately. Please affix one label to the exterior of each box being shipped- making as many copies as necessary to ensure one label is affixed to each box. This document contains two shipping labels, and is formatted for  AVERY 5126 or compatible labels. You may also print this on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

The address to use for shipping depends on the method of transportation. The shipping label document will contain labels with both options. Please be sure to use the correct label based on the type of carrier you will be using to ship your product(s).  

Packing Slips

The packing slips help us ensure we have the details for every product at receiving. Please indicate the number of items being shipped for each entry and be sure to include the date of production for each entry.  If you are withdrawing an entry, please strike through the entry name on your packing slip and indicate “Withdrawn” in the space next to that entry. It is recommended that you make a copy of your packing slip for your own records. Please print this document on standard 8.5 x 11 copy paper.

Packing Slip Instructions for Shipping Multiple Boxes

If you are shipping more than one box, please be sure to include a “MASTER” packing slip and an individual “Box” packing slip in EACH BOX that is being shipped to the venue. A “Master” packing slip will show the details for ALL entries that you are shipping. The Master packing slip should be photocopied and placed inside each box being shipped.  A “Box” packing slip will show the details for the individual boxes.

Competition Entry Labels

These labels are the sole identifier for your product during judging. It is important to label each entry according to your packing slip. If you have multiple entries, please take extra care to make sure each piece has its correct label. Each entry will have 15 labels in case you are shipping multiple pieces. Place any leftover labels and your packing slip(s) in a plastic Ziploc bag and include with your shipment. This will protect your documents from potential damage due to melting ice packs, leaks, etc. Print this document on AVERY 5160 or other compatible label and place one on EACH PIECE/container of product being shipped.

Entries from Canada and South America

Non-US entrants will be provided with a US Customs Letter to include with their shipment.

Prepare Your Shipment

Be aware of when your cheese must arrive and when you need to ship to get it there on time. Please review the shipping instructions below to ensure your cheese arrives at competition in the best possible condition and eligible to be judged.

Quantity Requirements and How to Pack Your Cheese
  • The ACS Judging & Competition is a blind competition. Remove any and all identifying product labels and marks from your competition cheeses.  Any product with brands or labels on the packaging, or the product itself, will receive a 7 point deduction off of the technical score for that product. 
  • Send your cheese in its original form. Cheeses may not be plugged, cut, and/or resealed. Cheeses must be entered as whole wheels, loaves, or blocks.
  • If your product weighs 20 lbs. or more in its whole, original form, a 5-10 lb. cut is sufficient for judging and will be accepted. Cuts should conform to industry norms for retail cuts, i.e. (pie slice shape for wheels, loaf shape for blocks, etc.) and should reflect the shape of the original form, INCLUDING the rind.
  • Any cheese or dairy product that weighs under 1 lb. in whole form will require a minimum of 6 pieces. If product integrity will be compromised by shipping less than a full retail case, we will accept a full retail case.
  • Add 2-3 pounds of ice packs per 5 pounds of hard cheese.
  • Protect the ice packs so they don’t get the cheese damp by osmosis. Remember that the average summer temperature in many conference host cities is quite high.
  • It is important for product to arrive within an acceptable temperature range. Pack the product to remain cold for 48-72 hours out of refrigeration.
  • Place cheese in a foam or foil-lined shipping box. Cushion with bubble-wrap preferably (avoid using peanuts or paper packing materials).
  • Keep your shipment tracking information on hand! Should there by any issue in receiving your shipment, you will be contacted a representative from the ACS Judging & Competition Committee.
Shipping Instructional Videos

The video below outlines shipping instructions as well as tips to help ensure your competition arrives in good condition. Please note that the video refers to dates and locations from the 2012 conference, and that the receiving day differs year to year.