2021 Meet The Cheesemaker

American Cheese Society’s ‘Meet the Cheesemaker‘ Takes On A Virtual Twist

This popular experience will be back at the 2021 American Cheese Society Annual Conference, and cheesemakers will be able to visit with attendees in small groups during the two-hour event on the ACS Annual Conference virtual event platform. Meet the Cheesemaker Powered by Gourmet Dash will be 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. MT on Wednesday, July 28.

Conference registration will include an option to attend MTC, and participants will receive a randomized sample box filled with cheese.

Before MTC, attendees will have access to watch videos submitted by the cheesemakers to learn more about what they do and how they do it!

Participating as a Cheesemaker


Cost to participate: $100

Only one virtual booth per company and each virtual booth can have up to 3 staff members, any duplicates will be removed.  Additional staff members not registered for the annual conference will only have access to MTC within the virtual platform. They will not have access to conference content or other areas of the virtual platform.

  1. Register as an attendee for the 2021 ACS Annual Conference here
  2. Select your cheese product – during registration you will need to provide Name of Cheese, Type of Cheese and Size of Sample (including weight and dimensions)
  3. Register by July 6th – REGISTRATION CLOSED
  4. Create a video about your company and your cheese – recommended, not required
  5. Prepare your virtual booth
  6. Ship your samples to GFI – samples must be received by GFI no later than July 12

*after you register you will receive additional information on the video, virtual booth and shipping

**if you are unable to provide samples and still wish to participate, we have a limited amount of booths available. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Cheese Sample Guidelines:

  • Amount: 50 pieces
  • Size: samples must be a minimum of 1 oz per piece but no larger than 8 oz per piece
  • Each piece must be pre-packaged
  • Samples must be received by GFI no later than July 12

Questions? Email [email protected]

REGISTRATION CLOSED – to participate without sending samples, please contact [email protected].