Volunteer with ACS

As an active non-profit membership organization, ACS relies on and values the support of volunteers. Volunteers share their passion, knowledge, time, and talents to advance the association and the wider cheese industry. ACS strives to create an atmosphere of engagement, camaraderie, diversity, community, professional growth, respect – and fun – for volunteers by offering opportunities for members at all levels of their career, and at all levels of commitment. ACS is dedicated to ensuring that volunteers feel appreciated and recognized for their contributions – and volunteers are also recognized through ACS Industry Awards and Honors. Want to get involved but you’re not sure how? Contact Us!

ACS cares about the experience of members, volunteers, and participants, and expects all to adhere to the ACS Member & Event Code of Conduct

Ambassador Program

Help ACS grow our membership, reach new audiences, and spread the word about our work! ACS Ambassadors serve an important role in expanding ACS’s reach, helping ACS engage with its current members, and recruiting new members around the world.

Conference & Competition

The ACS Conference & Competition takes place with the support of hundreds of volunteers who contribute their time to help make our events successful. Volunteers assist with many aspects of Conference events, from helping behind the scenes of the ACS Judging & Competition to preparing cheeses for the Festival of Cheese and Cheese Sale. Key volunteer roles include the Official Conference Cheesemongers, Receiving Manager, and Cheese Sale Manager.

Committee and Board Service

As with any association, much of ACS’s work is done through volunteer efforts provided by ACS committee members and advisors. These volunteers provide support and advice to the Board of Directors and assist the ACS Management Team by sharing their knowledge as Subject Matter Experts.