Tim Gaddis

 Bio: Tim was a cheesemonger in Atlanta for over a decade when he became Director of Operations for Many Fold Farm in May of 2014. He is now responsible for overseeing daily operations and inventory of the creamery at Many Fold Farm, and manages all nationwide cheese sales. Tim is passionate about cheese and ensuring the highest quality of both making and caring for the cheese until it is ready for market, and educating the public about traditionally-crafted cheeses that embody the flavors of the land on which the animals live. He is an active member of the ACS Certification Committee, and was honored to be selected as a Judge for the ACS’s Annual Conference in 2009 and again in 2012. Tim was certified in 2013 as a Certified Cheese Professional®, and was inducted into The Guilde Internationale des Fromagers in 2014.

Statement of Intent: I have great appreciation for artisan cheesemaking with a special affinity for small producers throughout the U.S. ACS is the principal leader in promoting American cheeses by providing educational opportunities for even the smallest producers like Many Fold Farm to be trained in the highest quality production techniques while maintaining the safest environment possible. As a cheesemonger in the South, and an ACS member for over a decade, I often sought out local, southern producers utilizing traditional cheesemaking processes to highlight for my customers. ACS is instrumental in bringing all types of American cheeses to the forefront of the public’s awareness through its Annual Conferences and educational seminars. ACS’s Certified Cheese Professional® certification was created to ensure that producers and cheesemongers maintain the highest standards and education is the key. I would be honored to help ACS carry on this tradition of excellence for the entire artisan cheese community.