The Shipping News

READ THIS if you’re entering the 2011 Judging & Competition!

If you’ve been reading CheeseBytes and are a cheesemaker entering Judging and Competition at this year’s Montreal conference you know we have been updating you about the logistics of getting your U.S. entries across the international border into Canada.

Canadian entrants: there’s important information for you, too… so keep reading!

Those of you who have entered before know that we usually have a two day window for receiving, the Thursday and Friday of the week prior to Competition, but this year we must have all the goods in hand on the same day, Thursday July 28th, to facilitate the single shipment across the Canadian border. All entries will be shipped via UPS for consolidation in their Plattsburgh, NY facility. This will ensure a seamless crossing under one single, comprehensive customs document.

We had been saying that cheesemakers would be required to ship Next Day Air for a guaranteed, on-time arrival in Plattsburgh on that morning, BUT… now, through the ongoing efforts of the ACS office, particularly Michelle Lee, and Carmine Della Serra, our account manager at UPS, many entrants will have 3 shipping options:

Next-Day Air
Second Day Air
UPS Ground

The latter two are new developments that can help bring down shipping costs for many of you.

The vast majority of you send your shipments overnight anyway, but those of you with sturdier cheeses can make use of 2nd Day Air shipping or Ground Shipping (in some cases where standard ground shipping is guaranteed one day delivery to Plattsburgh) with the same assurance of on-time delivery in Plattsburgh.

The Second Day Air option is available to any shipper in the continental United States. Sample rates are listed below along with Next Day and Ground rates. A sizable portion of the northeast qualifies for Next Day shipping via UPS Ground. To help determine if you are within that range please consult the map below. If you fall within the yellow area on the map (New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Connecticut) you will be able to ship via UPS Ground.

The UPS shipping labels that you will receive will have a scannable code number that directs your parcel right to the back of our truck at the Plattsburgh loading dock.  Whatever mode of shipping is right for you, the most important thing to remember is that you must ship via UPS for arrival on Thursday morning, July 28th. Everyone’s entries will end up in refrigeration at the Palais des Congrès by the end of that day.

Entries coming from within Canada do not need to follow the above, as you will be able to send your entries directly to the Palais des Congrès for arrival either on Thursday July 28th or Friday July 29th. Separate, specific details will accompany your shipping materials.

A word about your packing slips. Every year, we ask that you fill out and include, with each case you are shipping, a packing slip for the contents of that case. Because of this year’s international crossing, it is essential that you fill out and include those packing slips. New and important information is required this year on that slip: the production dates for each entry.

You must provide this information for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in order for your entry to participate in the Festival of Cheeses and Cheese Sale.

Please make copies of the packing slip included with your shipping materials as needed and remember to completely fill out and include a packing slip for each of the cases you ship!

We’ll remind you that due to the summer heat and potential delays in transit, we always ask you to pack your cheeses appropriately, meaning well cushioned and insulated with enough ice packs to keep things cool for 48 – 72 hours. Please read the packing and shipping guidelines letter that comes with your shipping materials.

As of this writing we are still processing entries, but it appears that you’ve sent in a new record number of cheeses. We will be in the vicinity of 1,600! Thanks to all our cheesemaker members for the continued support and celebration of your colleagues and their work. We’re all looking forward to terrific conference in Montréal.

Kind regards,

David Grotenstein
Michelle Lee
Richard & Karen Silverston

Judging & Competition Committee Members