Silver Sponsor

Number Available 10
PRE-SHOW Website Recognition Logo
PRE-SHOW Conference Event Guide Recognition Half-page full-color and logo inside
PRE-SHOW Conference Gift Box One flyer
PRE-SHOW Conference Promotional E-Mails –weekly Logo
PRE-SHOW News Emails — up to 15 Name
PRE-SHOW Social Media Acknowledgment — Group 1
DURING SHOW Sponsored Event Opportunity 1 Silver Opportunity
DURING SHOW Virtual Exhibit Booth Yes, with premium designation and placement
DURING SHOW Full Conference Registrations (For Employee Use — Not Transferrable) 4
DURING SHOW Closing Credit Video Name
POST SHOW Social Media Acknowledgment — Group 1
POST SHOW All Post-Conference Emails, including Thank You Name
12 MONTHS Video in ACS Learning Center Up to 15 minutes