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Competition Entry Category History

The ACS Judging & Competition dates back to 1985, starting with just 90 cheeses from 30 cheesemakers with 5 judges. The second year of competition, 1986, had 68 entries in 13 categories. Fast-forward to today, the ACS Judging & Competition … Continue reading

Member and Events Code of Conduct

General Applicability This professional Code of Conduct (Code) outlines ACS’s expectations for all ACS members, volunteers, attendees, vendors, partners, officers, and event participants (jointly “Members and Participants”) as adopted by the ACS Board of Directors. Abiding by this Code is … Continue reading

Domain 9: Inventory Management

Sourcing (inventory selection) A. Considerations B. Supplier programs Receiving A. Receiving protocols B. Unloading cheese Inventory management A. Ordering B. Rotation C. Controlling loss Storage & shelf life guidelines A. Product lifecycle B. Date marking and labeling C. Requirements for … Continue reading

Domain 6: Ripening

Science of cheese ripening A. Chemistry B. Microbiology Ripening parameters A. Climatic requirements B. Adjusting care based on unique batch parameters Ripening process A. Rind development B. Managing rind flora Browse resources for Domain 6: Cheese Ripening

Domain 1: Health, Regulations, Food Safety

Health A. Health benefits B. Health concerns Regulations governing cheese industry procedures A. Regulatory bodies B. Registration and licensing C. Milk D. Import/export E. Product labeling and dating F. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) G,. Inspections, investigations, and targeted sampling Food … Continue reading

Newsletter Archive

This digital collection of newsletters spans the different iterations of the American Cheese Society’s member newsletter. Spanning from 1990 to the present, these newsletters serve as the main communication tool between the organization and our members. This archive encompasses our … Continue reading


This five-day training is a practical and comprehensive technical guide to cheese technology and the principles governing the quality of cheese. With the special collaboration of Linda Dimmick owner and cheesemaker of Neighborly Farms. During this intensive, participants will learn … Continue reading

American Cheese Society Certifications

The American Cheese Society offers two industry certifications: ACS Certified Cheese Professional® (ACS CCP®) and ACS Certified Cheese Sensory Evaluator® (ACS CCSE®). To obtain these certifications, eligibility criteria must be met and an exam must be passed. Benefits of ACS … Continue reading

Award-Winning Tania Toscana

This past August in Madison, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Tania Toscana, an aged sheep milk cheese from Ontario, Canada’s Mariposa Dairy. It was love at first bite. In 1989, Bruce and Sharon Vandeberg, longing to work … Continue reading

Those Bloomin’ Bloomies

Ask Dr. Cheese: Those Bloomin’ Bloomies   Bloomy-rind cheeses are finicky creatures, says Gianaclis Caldwell, Pholia Farm co-owner and cheesemaker and author of the forthcoming book, Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking (Chelsea Green, Fall 2012). In this interview with San Francisco Chronicle … Continue reading

ACS CCP® Exam Application Process

Exam Administration & Oversight The American Cheese Society is responsible for administering the exam, and  committee consisting of ACS staff and cheese industry leaders reviews all applications for certification. Acceptance/Denial of Application If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will … Continue reading

Member-2-Member Marketing

Member-2-Member Marketing emails are the quickest way to let the cheese community know about your product, service, or upcoming event. ACS will distribute your email message to the entire active ACS membership. The cost for this service is $250 per … Continue reading

ACS Conference Sponsorship

Conference sponsor and exhibitor opportunities are listed below. Don Knox is coordinating sponsorship and exhibit sales and can be reached at [email protected] and (720) 457-1193.  Already a sponsor, but looking for year-round visibility? Consider upgrading your membership to a Corporate Sustaining … Continue reading

History & Archives

The American Cheese Society was founded in 1983 by Dr. Frank Kosikowski of Cornell University as a national grassroots organization for cheese appreciation and for home and farm cheesemaking. Looking Back, Looking Forward: ACS at 25 In 2008, to commemorate … Continue reading

Bylaws of the American Cheese Society, Inc.

Approved by the Membership on August 7, 2010 ARTICLE I: NAME, LOCATION AND DEFINITIONS Section 1. Name The name of the corporation shall be The American Cheese Society. Section 2. Location The administrative offices of the association shall be in … Continue reading

Committees and Advisory Panels

The American Cheese Society is a network of volunteer leaders who provide resources in services of our members. Want to contribute? Learn about Committee Service and APPLY NOW to get involved. Certification Committee Oversees the creation, maintenance, and operation of … Continue reading

State of the Industry Reports

The State of the U.S. Artisan & Specialty Cheese Industry Reports are developed from responses to the biennial survey launched in 2016. This biennial study focuses on gaining an understanding of the current state of the U.S. artisan, farmstead, and … Continue reading

Selection Caseus

An Exceptional Showcase for the QuĂ©bec Cheese Industry By Joan Kimball, MontrĂ©al Conference Co-Chair Producing over 52% of the cheese in Canada and offering a vast choice of top-quality varieties, QuĂ©bec has proudly honoured its cheesemakers for the last 13 … Continue reading

Mozzarella & its Cousins

On this course you will learn how to make pasta filata cheeses: mozzarella and burrata. It takes place at two traditional dairies in the provinces of Salerno and Caserta, the two areas of Campania renowned for their mozzarella di bufala. Also included are the small … Continue reading

Webinar — Industrial Cybersecurity: How to Get Started and Why it Matters to Food & Beverage Producers

Food and beverage production is a rapidly changing industry, incorporating increased automation, centralized Manufacturing Intelligence (MI), and interdependent supply chains. This and the complexities of these networked systems serves to amplify cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, creating risks to production and … Continue reading

Retailer Profile: The Cheese Shop in Concord, MA

Owner Peter Lovis recently discussed The Cheese Shop, in Concord, Massachusetts, with the American Cheese Society. Below is his favorite “Desert Island” cheese, what new cheese is exciting the staff at The Cheese Shop, and what you can expect when … Continue reading

Privacy & Terms

The American Cheese Society (ACS) values your privacy and steadfastly believes in protecting information pertaining to our website visitors, members, and customers. We do not share information with third parties and we only contact you based on your requests and … Continue reading

Judging & Competition

The 2022 Judging & Competition is now open for entries! Enter Now The Largest cheese event of its kind to take place May 19-20, 2022, ahead of 39th Annual Conference. The American Cheese Society Judging and Competition, the largest event … Continue reading

2021 ACS Annual Conference Sponsors

Conference Sponsorship Each year, ACS hosts the foremost educational conference for cheese professionals. Producers, retailers, distributors, and other influencers from throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and beyond attend to network, sample products, and learn from one another. Learn more about sponsoring … Continue reading

Communications During A Crisis

The coronavirus is having an impact on the way that everyone does business. As companies adapt to new circumstances, it’s important to communicate business information with accuracy and empathy. Join Ed Tagliaferri, Executive Vice President, DKC, as he addresses key … Continue reading