Safe Cheesemaking Series at ACS 2016

Five-part Safe Cheesemaking Series to be Presented at ACS Conference in Des Moines

Leading industry experts will break down the key components of safe cheesemaking in a unique five part series at this year’s ACS Cheese in the Heartland Conference. Sessions will be offered on Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30, and will be videotaped for those unable to attend.

The Safe Cheesemaking Series includes five sessions as follows:

  • Session 1 of 5: HAZARDS IN CHEESEMAKING with Kerry Kaylegian, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Basic hazards associated with artisan cheese production (radiological, chemical, physical, biological), common allergens, and the importance of conducting a hazard analysis.

  • Session 2 of 5: PRP AND PREVENTATIVE CONTROLS with Marianne Smukowski, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research

How to develop food safety plans in line with FSMA and HARPC, the various types of supporting food safety programs, how such programs serve as preventive controls, and the implementation of such programs.

  • Session 3 of 5: DEVELOPING A SANITARY FACILITY with Neville McNaughton, CheezSorce, LLC

Learn to create sanitary facility designs to improve existing facility design and traffic flow, as well as understand what it takes to maintain sanitary facilities and equipment.

  • Session 4 of 5: PATHOGEN BEHAVIOR IN CHEESE with Dennis D’Amico, Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Detailed information about the impact of cheese manufacture and aging on pathogen levels including the roles of temperature, acidity and acidification, salt, moisture/water activity, and novel interventions.

  • Session 5 of 5: PRODUCT TESTING, SAMPLING, & ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING with Kim Bukowski, Cornell University

Understand the different types of testing from raw materials to end product; sampling plans to follow and how to interpret results; the importance of environmental monitoring including materials, defining zones and frequency, and corrective actions to proactively remedy problems.

All sessions are included with full Conference registration, and will take place at the Iowa Events Center.