Patrick Bleck

Bio: My interest in cheese developed during my junior year abroad in France where all things culinary came to light with special radiance for my then miraculous discovery of the cheese course.  Raised, as I had been to date, on Kraft singles and Tillamook mild at my most daring, this was indeed a brave new world.

The world of cheese evolved stateside in pursuit of a journalism degree with the publication of an article on goat’s cheese with a focus on a Willamette Valley producer at the time, Singing Winds Dairy.

Post graduation, I was offered a job with my distributor who supplied the store where I had worked throughout my college years.  So began my career in specialty cheese distribution with Eurobest Foods.

My involvement as an attendee at ACS conference began early on and over recent years I’ve been involved in the sponsorship committee.  In 2010, I had the distinct privilege of auditing every facet of the conference competition in Seattle.  I also worked with a steering committee to launch American Cheese Month.

Statement of Intent: Though the accomplishments of ACS over the many years of its existence are truly remarkable, I feel that the enormous wave of interest in Artisan cheese in the Americas has truly only begun to crest and much work remains to be done within our community.  Primary among my concerns is how we continue to provide sound advice and resources to producers wishing to address a broader market as well as those whose interest resides in a regional reach.   In both instances, the issues of best practices with regard to distribution and marketing are crucial.  I feel my 26 years of experience in the industry has afforded me some measure of understanding of this process and I look forward to providing support to our burgeoning community of cheese makers.   Thank you for your vote!