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Sweet Combs of Honey: Cheese and Cheeseboards

Join Marcella The Cheesemonger at Sweet Combs of Honey from 4pm to 6pm on Friday October 12th. Enjoy a selection of American Artisan Cheeses and the presentation of Marcella’s new line of handmade Cheese Boards.

Board Service

The ACS Board of Directors  take an active role as leaders, advising on matters of strategic import and organizational policy, serving on committees and task forces, developing future leaders, and working with staff and volunteers to foster a vibrant, passionate, … Continue reading

T.A.S.T.E. Test® Scoresheets

Download the T.A.S.T.E.®  Test Scoresheets The ACS T.A.S.T.E. Test® score sheets were created using the methodology for assessment and evaluation of cheese that is used by the American Cheese Society’s Judging and Competition wherein judges evaluate both the “aesthetic” and “technical” … Continue reading

ACS T.A.S.T.E. TEST® Application Process

Applications are reviewed by ACS Staff and by the Certification Committee within thirty days of receipt of a completed application and application processing fee. Acceptance If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will send you an email notifying you of … Continue reading

Detailed Responsibilities Related to Cheese

Please use the list below for examples of acceptable descriptions for the ‘Detailed Responsibilities Related to Cheese’ section of the ACS T.A.S.T.E. exam. Cheesemaker: Procure raw materials Cheese make Develop new recipes Determine ingredient mix (cultures, etc) Age cheese Develop HACCP Document cold … Continue reading

ACS CCP® Authorized Educator Program

The ACS CCP® Authorized Educator Program (AEP) authorizes individuals or organizations offering education that aligns with any or all of the ACS Body of Knowledge domains and Job Task Areas that are integral to the ACS Certified Cheese Professional® Exam. This … Continue reading

ACS CCP™ Exam Application Process

Exam Administration & Oversight The American Cheese Society is responsible for administering the exam, and  committee consisting of ACS staff and cheese industry leaders reviews all applications for certification. Acceptance/Denial of Application If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will … Continue reading

Eligibility Criteria for ACS Certifications

Eligibility is determined at the time an application is submitted, and all eligibility requirements MUST be attained at the time of application. Future work hours are not considered in determining eligibility For T.A.S.T.E. Test® Candidates Candidates who are active ACS … Continue reading

Body of Knowledge

The American Cheese Society Body of Knowledge is a comprehensive framework that aims to encompass the interdisciplinary domains of information that comprise the knowledge base of the cheese industry. Eleven Domains of Information are woven together to create the areas … Continue reading

Committee Service

We’re looking for volunteer leaders to serve on our committees/panels and help identify and provide resources and support services for our membership. Learn more about the work each committee does and to discover where your talents might be needed. To … Continue reading