Meet the Official Conference Cheesemonger Team

The 2019 Official Conference Cheesemonger Team


Devin Lamma, ACS CCP

Specialty Team Member, Whole Foods Market-  Denver, CO

A native son of Virginia, Devin now resides in Denver, Colorado working for Whole Foods Market. He is a 30-year veteran of the food service industry, having been a cheese monger for the last 17 years. Since becoming a Certified Cheese Professional in 2013 he has continued his pursuit of cheese knowledge and service to the industry. In 2015 he won a scholarship to study Comte in France and also completed a stage with Herve Mons at Les Halles in Lyon. 2017 took him to San Francisco to study cheese cart service at Michelin starred Restaurant Gary Danko.  He competed in the Cheese Monger Invitational in 2018 in New York City. His service to the ACS continued in 2017 when he was part of the Education Committee and the Judging & Competition Committee. This year he is honored and proud serve as an Official Conference Cheese Monger as he supports the products and industry he loves in his home state.


Noreen Mayer

Cheese and Retail Buyer, The Cheese School of San Francisco- San Francisco, CA

Noreen began her cheese journey in college while working behind a counter at Andronico’s in San Francisco. Finding the enthusiasm of the mongers infectious, she quickly found herself engrossed in learning all things cheesy. That zest and a series of serendipitous events landed her at Cheese Bar in Portland, Oregon. While furthering her cheese education and feeding into her fondness of a good beer, she gained an even greater fondness for a mind-blowing combination of the two. Taking what she learned, she eventually returned to the Bay Area ready to spread the good word of cheese with The Cheese School of San Francisco. Presently you can find her at the school doing what she loves the most, buying and sharing yummy things.



Evan Talen, ACS CCP

General Manager, Apertivo- Grand Rapids, MI

Evan’s first job with cheese took him west to Washington state where a long-time friend welcomed him into the family biz – Cheese Louise. Bill and Tamara Krieger, owners of Cheese Louise, inspired and grew his passion not just for great products, but also stories and relationships. Fast forward to a 2-year stint in Chicago working as sous in a scratch kitchen, Evan then found his way back home and began working with his current employer, Aperitivo. As the General Manager of Aperitivo in Grand Rapids, MI, Evan oversees an incredible team operating both a retail cheese and charcuterie counter, and a wine bar serving small plates featuring those same products. Exciting cheesy experiences and accolades include but are likely not limited to 2015 ACS CCP class, 2016 La Quercia Ham Independence champion, 2018 Adopt an Alp winner, and Inaugural Jasper Hill Cheese Camp attendee. Evan, and his magical, patient, and understanding wife Hope, welcomed their first child into the world last April. Little Francis dressed as a cow for her first Halloween and already owns a full wardrobe of cheesy clothing.



  • Jordan Edwards, ACS CCP
  • Katie Grice
  • Alex Armstrong, ACS CCP


  • James Danforth, ACS CCP
  • Brian Gilbert, ACS CCP
  • Katie Quinn, ACS CCP


  • Meredith Fitzgerald, ACS CCP
  • Joe Green, ACS CCP
  • Arielle Neher, ACS CCP


  • Erin Clancy, ACS CCP
  • James Gentry, ACS CCP
  • Janee’ Muha, ACS CCP


  • Randall Felts, ACS CCP
  • Kelsie Parsons, ACS CCP


  • Jason Herbert, ACS CCP
  • Leah McFadden, ACS CCP


  • Alexander Kast, ACS CCP
  • Rachel Perez, ACS CCP


  • Jeanne Rodier
  • Kelly Sheehan


  • Paige Lamb