Mike Koch, FireFly Farms, Inc.

Bio: A local food advocate and award-winning entrepreneur with a distinguished track record of innovation, Mike has a depth and breadth of more than two decades of business experience.  Mike has led the FireFly Farms team to create a successful, highly touted cheese business grounded in unprecedented partnerships with farmers and a commitment to sustainable operations.  In Mike’s career, he has demonstrated expertise in strategic marketing and communications, and honed a fiscal acumen formed from over two decades in leadership roles in the financial services industry.

Statement of Intent: I have been involved with ACS since 2002 and I have watched with admiration as the organization has grown, evolved, and increased its impact on its members and the industry it serves. Most important to me at this juncture is to encourage a renewed and expanded focus on the sustainability components of its mission in a manner that addresses and highlights the importance of “triple bottom-line” sustainability: economic, social, and environmental. American cheesemakers – especially those that retain this focus on sustainability – have a unique opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding and revitalization of American family farms, regional food systems, and local economies across the nation.