Member-2-Member Marketing

Member-2-Member Marketing emails are the quickest way to let the cheese community know about your product, service, or upcoming event. ACS will distribute your email message to the entire active ACS membership.

The cost for this service is $250 per email. This service is available only to ACS members.

Email Guidelines:

  • The message should be 400 words or less; please provide all links with your text
  • Provide ACS with JPEG files, 300 dpi, maximum width of 600 pixels
  • Provide ACS with descriptive direction on layout
  • PDF files, GIF images, or JPEG files wider than 600 pixels will not be accepted


  • Please allow one week from the time we receive your distribution-ready materials to send your email message.
  • In order to ensure the effectiveness of this service, and to avoid conflict with pre-scheduled ACS communications, ACS limits the number of Member-2-Member emails distributed per month. We will do our best to accommodate your desired send date; in cases where this is not possible, an alternative send date will be recommended.
  • Members are limited to sending one Member-2-Member email per quarter, up to a maximum of four per year.

Interested in a Member-2-Member Marketing Email?

The 2021 Member2Member Marketing Program will begin accepting bookings in May of 2021. Thank you for your interest in this benefit and service- we look forward to working with you on this benefit of ACS Membership.