Member-2-Member Marketing

Member-2-Member Marketing messages are the quickest way to let the cheese community know about your product, service, or upcoming event. ACS will distribute your message through our bi-monthly Cheese Bytes newsletter to the entire active ACS membership.

The cost for this service is $250 per message. This service is available only to ACS members.

To ensure the effectiveness of this service, and to avoid conflict with pre-scheduled ACS communications, ACS limits the number of Member-2-Member messages distributed per newsletter. Members are limited to sending one Member-2-Member message per quarter, up to a maximum of four per year.

Message Guidelines:

  • You will upload your message content to the form when you sign up.
  • The message should be 400 words or less; please provide all links with your text.
  • Provide ACS with JPEG file for an image to include.
  • Provide ACS with descriptive direction on layout.


  • Fill out this form with your message content and to make payment.
  • Once we receive the form, you will receive an email from an ACS team member with the article and newsletter schedule.
  • Please allow 7 business days from the time we receive your distribution-ready materials to get back to you with the schedule.
  • ACS will put together the article for you to review before adding to Cheese Bytes.

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