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Travelers to South Carolina will want to visit Fishing Creek Creamery in Chester. Cheese lovers across the globe begin their journey with cheese in different ways, and Dave and Melinda began their journey in 2009, after Dave discovered that he had developed an allergy to cow’s milk.  A lover of cow’s milk, Dave was determined to find an alternative to meet his cravings.

After trying a variety of soy and almond milks, the couple discovered a local farmer producing raw goat’s milk, and finally, Dave had a satisfying alternative to cow’s milk. Dave and Melinda were hooked, and after quite a few visits to the farm, they decided to raise dairy goats as a hobby.  Their entry into the cheese world took place after the number of goats they owned grew so much that they had an excessive amount of milk: Melinda began learning how to make cheese to ensure the milk was not wasted.



“What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion!” Dave and Melinda eventually grew their herd to roughly 50 Saanen and Nubian dairy goats, 25 of which area milked twice a day, every day. In 2014, Fishing Creek Creamery completed construction of a brand new state-of-the-art dairy facility.  The milk parlor has a fast-exit head-gate system and Clean-In-Place (CIP) milk line system to ensure maximum efficiency and sanitation.  This goat farm is a beautiful establishment that makes incredible cheese in a remarkable atmosphere. The cheese is distributed throughout the Carolinas at local farmers’ markets and in many fine restaurants.

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Fishing Creek Creamery currently offers six different cheeses for purchase, all of which are either a chevre or feta variety.  Two new cheeses are coming soon. One of the most popular cheeses is the Spiderbite Chevre, which is “our Classic Chevre, added honey, and spiked with a special blend of ghost pepper seasoning.”

Workshops and tours are available at reasonable costs. The rare opportunity to live the life of a dairyperson and cheesemaker for two days is also an amenity offered at this beautiful facility.  Individuals can participate in all of the aspects of a farmstead cheese operation, from milking to producing the finished product. This experience includes a two-night stay at the Fishing Creek Bed & Breakfast, hands-on experience with livestock, making cheese with the head cheesemaker, and full cheese tasting.

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Posted November 24, 2014