Lynn Giacomini Stray

Bio: Lynn is co-founder and COO of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company (PRFC), a third generation family dairy and creamery in Northern California. Lynn returned home to the farm working with her father and sisters to transition a conventional dairy into an artisan farmstead cheese operation in 2000. Lynn’s broad experience over the past 17 years in the cheese industry encompasses everything from cheese operations, quality assurance, and distribution to business development and marketing. PRFC values education, and it operates The Fork, a culinary center on the farm, to educate the trade and consumers about farmstead and specialty cheeses.  Lynn is involved in a number of local and sustainable agriculture organizations in the community, focused on preserving land and farming. Lynn co-chaired the annual ACS Conference in Sacramento in 2014, and has attended meetings and presented to FDA on behalf of ACS to represent the perspective of a farmstead raw milk cheese producer regarding Food Safety regulations and policies.

Statement of intent: The American artisan cheese industry has grown and changed immensely in the last two decades. We have seen inspiring young cheesemakers flourish into well-known brands with cheeses that rival the best in the world. We have seen our cheese pioneers lead examples in innovation and technology, and some forging partnerships that will help sustain their businesses for generations to come. We are in an exciting time, all the while navigating through complex regulatory changes to ensure continued food safety.

ACS has been the organization we all rely on for support of best practices, education and resources, and the community to bring us all together. ACS is made up of all different types and sizes of cheesemakers. I have been fortunate enough to have the experience to develop an artisan cheese brand and evolve with the industry’s growth. I look to ACS as an important and valuable organization that will continue to shape and guide all aspects of cheesmaking. I would be honored to be a board representative and will work hard to strengthen our mission and values.