Kerry Kaylegian, Penn State

Bio: Kerry is an Assistant Research Professor at Penn State. She provides technical support to the dairy industry and directs workshops on improving the safety and quality of dairy products. Her research focuses on creating resources for small-scale cheesemakers, such as the Penn State Cheese Tracking System to relate cheese make variables to the quality of the finished cheeses. Her lab is currently developing resources to help small-scale cheesemakers meet FSMA regulations.

Kerry is a technical judge for ACS and has been judging at other cheese contests for 15 years. She developed and runs the Pennsylvania Farm Show Cheese Contest, and is coach of the Penn State Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Team. Kerry serves as an academic advisor to the Pennsylvania Cheese Guild and the Pennsylvania Association of Milk, Food, and Environmental Sanitarians. Kerry is a co-chair of the 2018 ACS Conference in Pittsburgh.

Statement of Intent: I provide technical support and educational programs on manufacturing and food safety to the dairy industry and would be honored to serve at the organizational level. As part of my job, I follow food safety regulations, scientific literature, and other important dairy issues. I want to serve on the Regulatory and Academic Committee and link with the Education Committee to ensure that we are communicating the most current information possible to our membership. I am keenly aware of the scope, diversity, and interconnectedness of our industry – from the farmer, hauler, cheesemaker, makers of cultures and ingredients, equipment and facilities, distributors, mongers, and retail outlets, to the farmstead cheesemakers and companies with multiple plants. As an organization, we need to educate and support the whole industry to ensure the success of spectacular cheese for future generations.