Kendall Russell

Bio: Kendall is a founding member and cheesemaker at Lark’s Meadow Farms and has become a co-owner. Kendall has primarily been the head cheesemaker since 2009 but over the years has managed all aspects of the farmstead operation including flock management, dairy operations, cheese affinage, sales/marketing, and shipping. His educational background covers microbiology, biochemistry, dentistry and Advanced Cheesemaker Certification from Utah State. He has worked with Slow Food in the Tetons and farmer’s markets in WY, ID and UT to help increase awareness of Local and Traditional Foodways. Kendall has been a presenter at ACS multiple times and has been a volunteer member of the ACS Regulatory & Academic Committee for the last 4 years (most recently contributing to the ACS Best Practices Guide for Cheesemakers). He has also been a mentor for many farmstead cheese operations in the rocky mountain region.

Statement of Intent: I have had the opportunity to see two sides of ACS, one as a regular member and as a committee member. I would like to share the energy that the perspective of seeing the inner workings has given me. My interest is in increasing ACS memberships through liaison activities with new and smaller cheese producers, retailers and the people who think they don’t have the time or money to be involved with ACS. They can’t afford not to! I have seen the extraordinary growth of ACS since my first conference in Seattle and see the ongoing opportunity for synergy with other traditional food organizations. I see ACS further strengthening the vibrancy and diversity of the re-emerging Foodway of artisan cheese in the US as a way to preserve rural and urban farming, improving local economies and nourishing people with good tasting, real food. Most of all, I would like to help build and inspire the next generation of cheesemakers.