Katie Quinn, ACS CCP®

Katie Quinn is a lifelong foodie.  Her zeal for food began in high school, when she worked at a local ice cream and sandwich shop.  She felt a real connection to her customers and enjoyed sharing the dining experience with them. That same enthusiasm exists even today, when she is interacting and sampling cheeses behind the counter at her cheese shop, Mullahy’s.

Over the years, Katie has worked in several restaurants and hotels in food service roles, including as manager, server, and bartender.  After graduating from college with a B.S. in Business from Worcester State University, Katie worked in State Government for many years at the Massachusetts State House, and later on had her own consulting and fundraising business.

In 2011, Katie took a job at Whole Foods Market in Bellingham, MA, as a customer service team member where she co-established the first Farmer’s Market at the store. After an encouraging conversation with her Specialty Team Leader, she joined the Specialty Department, where she found her true passions: Cheese, Chocolate, Charcuterie, and Coffee. Is there anything better? She became an Assistant Team Leader, and in October 2012 became a Specialty Team Leader in Framingham, MA, where she stayed until 2015.

Katie passed the ACS CCP® Exam in Sacramento and attended the ACS Conference in Raleigh. She also volunteered at the ACS Conference in Providence. In October 2015, she opened her own cheese shop, Mullahy’s, in her hometown of Hudson, MA. At Mullahy’s, you can see her most days behind the counter handing out samples to customers and sharing her knowledge and experience in the realm of cheese.


Mullahy’s cheese shop is a first-of-its-kind artisan cheese and specialty food shop located on Main Street in Hudson, Massachusetts. Mullahy’s opened in October of 2015. The shop has a vast assortment of imported and artisan cheeses, including a large variety of local cheeses within its collection. All of the cheeses are hand selected by Mullahy’s resident ACS Certified Cheese Professional®, Katie Quinn. Mullahy’s encourages customers to sample any cheese that tempts their taste buds. They will cut cheeses in any size that a customer desires. Mullahy’s offers a wide range of specialty foods, many of which are locally made right in Massachusetts. These include caramels, chocolates, breads, nuts, and cookies. The shop also offers additional cheese accompaniments including crackers, jams, nuts, cured meats, and olives from all over the globe. The goal at Mullahy’s is to make it easy for customers to make their lives more cheese-y!