John Antonelli


Bio: Prior to my dream job of Cheesemonger, I was working as a Certified Public Accountant at Deloitte & Touche. In search of my professional passion, I quit my job, began to study food, and found myself attracted to cheese. The more that I read, ate, and learned, the more I wanted to keep going. That’s when Kendall and I started hosting Cheese parties for friends at our house which quickly evolved into guided cheese tastings and pairings as guests demanded more.  Eventually, with the support and commitment of my wife Kendall, I developed and opened Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in the Hyde Park Neighborhood of Austin Texas. Now I am a full-time cheesemonger with part time accounting responsibilities (old habits die hard).  During these past few years, I have been fortunate to be a member of the Judging and Competition Committee for ACS where I help (along with other amazing committee members) plan and manage the largest North American cheese competition of its kind.

Statement of Intent:

As a leader in the American cheese industry, ACS actively supports cheesemakers, distributors, members, and retailers, as well as others, creating a network of mentors interested in promoting and advancing American cheese.  I called upon many owners when I built the business plan to open my cheese shop and would be excited to assist in streamlining these mentoring opportunities to ensure that knowledge sharing between experts and potential newcomers continues.

I am also interested in growing and encouraging our younger membership base.  As the Society continues to create industry standards, it is crucial that we attract active participants who can develop and grow within this framework, as well as generate new ideas for the future, creating long-term sustainability for ACS.

I would be honored if elected and I look forward to continuing my service to ACS, the cheesemakers, distributors, retailers and all members of the American Cheese Industry.