Conference Highlights

Featured Educational Opportunities:

  • Ignite Your Goals – Simple Steps to Accomplish More and Accelerate Your Success: Learn how to achieve more in your business and your life in this fun and engaging session with Gerry O’Brion, a nationally recognized speaker, author, and marketing expert who helps companies thrive in good times and bad.
  • Save By Savoring – How to Sustain the Diverse Foods and Flavors We Love: Author and Institute for Food and Development Policy fellow Simran Sethi will explain challenges around the loss of agricultural biodiversity and highlight how cheese and dairying can lead the way in building a more resilient food system.
  • Build Your Own Food Safety Plan – Deep Dive and Coaching: Whether you already have, are currently developing, or are just preparing to create, a Food Safety Modernization Act-compliant, preventive control-based, food safety plan for your facility, this full-day workshop will get you across the finish line.

Featured Events:

  • Meet the Cheesemaker: Meet 100+ producers and sample their cheeses and cultured dairy products! If you’re a producer, sign up for a table today.
  • Regional Tours: Immerse yourself in Pittsburgh’s history, culture, and foodways by joining one of three pre-Conference tours.
  • Conference Bookstore: The ACS Conference Bookstore features books written and published by our membership and conference presenters, as well as offers books that may be of interest to our members, and are on topics identified as key to the industry based on the ACS Body of Knowledge. You can expect to find books on these topics:
    • Health, Regulations, Food Safety
    • Operations
    • Milk
    • Cheesemaking
    • Cheese History, Definitions, and Categorization
    • Cheese Service
    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Business Principles and Practices
    • Ripening
    • Selling and Transporting
    • Inventory management

    Proceeds from the Conference Bookstore go to the ACE Foundation, which funds conference scholarships and ACS programming year-round.

  • Exit through the Cheese Shop: Stick around for Saturday night’s Festival of Cheese and shop the Annual Cheese Sale – buy great cheese to bring home, while supporting the American Cheese Education Foundation!