Francis Wall


Bio: Francis began his dairy career working on a neighborhood dairy farm through grade and high school in rural Denmark, WI.  He was responsible for milking cows everyday before school. He is a graduate of St. Norbert College and the University of Wisconsin Madison.  Francis spent thirteen years working at an independent community bank where he developed business relationships with local farmers and small businesses. Francis is the vice president of Marketing at BelGioioso Cheese.  He is married with one son and enjoys making wood fired pizza, gardening and wildlife.

Statement of Intent: Growing up in a rural community I had the opportunity to work on a neighbor’s dairy farm and see firsthand the dedication and work ethic of Wisconsin farmers.  Each cow had a name and was treated individually based on its character just as people and cheese should be.  As a part of a cheesemaking company, we are no different, our dedication, work ethic, experience and commitment to excellence are seen and tasted in every piece.  I love food and cheese.  I am learning more and more about quality food and want to promote this to all people.  As a board member, I will promote all cheeses equally based on their own merits.  I have learned that great cheese begins with fresh milk, respect for tradition, consistent quality, availability, value and, above all, flavor. If the cheese is not good, the story that was built around it will fade quickly in the memory of the customer.