Call for Presentations – 2024

Do you have broad experience as a presenter (working with and speaking to diverse audiences)? Is your content fresh and highly relevant to cheese industry professionals or enthusiasts? Would your audiences describe you as a dynamic presenter? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then you meet ACS’s qualifications—and we encourage you to submit a proposal for a conference presentation next year, in 2024!

For webinar proposals, please email [email protected] with your topic and ideas.

Not interested in submitting a proposal but have some ideas for programming, webinars, or speakers? Submit them in the ACS Programming Suggestion Box, we’d love to hear them!

Call for Conference Presentations


Submit For ACS Annual Conference 2024

Call for Presentations is open for those passionate to submit right now!  We will formally launch in Fall 2023, but welcome everyone inspired by 2023 Annual Conference to go ahead and submit today.

  • Panels should not consist of more than three speakers and one moderator (four participants total).
  • Presentations are submitted with the understanding that these are volunteer presenter roles. As a presenter you agree to take on the expense of your travel, if required for your presentation.
  • Presenters do receive benefits for speaking at the ACS conference: including either a complimentary day pass or 50% off full conference registration plus one (1) hotel room night at one of the conference hotels
  • Presentations will have a max of 220 attendees in each session, both presentations and tasting sessions.  All Presentations will be expected to have max capacity of 220 attendees.  If you wish to propose a smaller presentation, you must include your smaller attendee number request in your presentation proposal.

The Target Profile of a conference session is as follows:

– Topic is timely, original, and data-driven.
– Presentation format is engaging and interactive.
– Content has useful post-conference application.

These components represent the building blocks of successful seminars, and are among the primary criteria used by the Education Committee in the evaluation of session proposals. If you would like to submit a proposal, please look to the Target Profile as a reference point.


The Education Committee has identified core concepts that are especially essential to ACS members at present.

The 2024 Core Concepts will be announced in Fall 2023 with the formal launch of the Call for Presentations.


Members of the Education Committee evaluate all proposed sessions based on the following criteria:

  • well-defined focus within the core concepts listed below
  • overall quality
  • relevance to the industry
  • practical application of material
  • timeliness of the topic
  • format is engaging and interactive
  • speaker qualifications
  • your program must be educational in nature—sales presentations will not be accepted
  • material should be original: otherwise, sources must be referenced. For sessions with multiple speakers, each speaker must agree to this submission.
  • Incomplete programs will not be considered