Dr. Dennis D’Amico


Bio: Dr. Dennis D’Amico is an Assistant Professor of Dairy Foods at the University of Connecticut where his research, teaching, and outreach efforts focus on improving the safety and quality of milk and milk products with an emphasis on raw milk and artisan cheese. Prior to joining the faculty at UConn, Dennis earned his Ph.D. in Food Microbiology from the University of Vermont where he was a founding member of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese. In his new position, Dennis continues to work closely with the artisan cheese industry through research and technical outreach programs addressing process controls, microbiological testing, risk assessment and reduction. In addition to countless presentations on the subject, Dr. D’Amico also developed the Artisan/Farmstead Cheesemaker Food Safety Workshop offered throughout the country. Among his service activities, Dennis is an active member of the American Cheese Society, delivering education sessions at Conference and serving on the Regulatory and Academic Committee.

Statement of Intent: It has been a pleasure working with the American Cheese Society over the past 8 years, promoting the continuous production of microbiologically safe, high quality, artisan cheese. I look forward to building this relationship going forward and would be honored  to serve on the board of the ACS.  As the food safety landscape continues to change, our organization must to continue to adapt. I will work to make sure that our members are well informed and prepared. As an academician and research scientist I look forward to building and refining the body of knowledge and tools available to cheese professionals while promoting education in dairy safety and quality. Going forward, I would welcome the opportunity to utilize my network and experience to assist in the development and strengthening of strategic industry and governmental partnerships so that the voices of our members are as impactful as possible. Thank you again for your consideration.