New ACS Member Benefit: Discounted Testing via Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd.

Monitoring and regular testing, whether of your milk supply, production environment, or finished product, are important parts of any good food safety plan. The ACS Best Practices Guide for Cheesemakers outlines a baseline of what and how often you should be testing based on the types of products you are making and the size and location of your facility.

Small producers have told ACS that they struggle with the high cost of testing, and they lack the skills, tools, and know-how to regularly and properly collect and submit samples. After much research on pricing, testing services, and member needs, ACS is pleased to announce its new partnership with Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. This partnership provides discount testing services to ACS members; simply-designed, all-inclusive testing packages to suit your size and needs; and the support and training of a family-owned lab that understands the challenges of artisan producers.

Below are some highlights of the program. We will share more information in the coming months.

  • ACS members will save 10% on a wide range of testing services offered by Cherney. As more members participate, the discount may increase, potentially as high as 30% with broad participation.
  • If you are already a Cherney customer, let them know you are an ACS member — they’ll extend the discount to existing customers!
  • Cherney has customized all-inclusive packages for Listeria monocytogenes environmental testing to make it easy for ACS members to get started. These include all packaging materials, collection supplies, training, and shipping costs, scaled to fit your testing frequency needs. As an example, a producer who collects and ships 10 (ten) L. mono environmental samples per month would spend around $3,900 annually for its testing program. This expenditure is all-inclusive, and billed monthly, allowing for ease of planning and budgeting to accommodate cash flow and business needs. If a member experiences positive results during sampling, additional work can be completed at the request of the member. Cherney also works diligently in providing education behind results; therefore, additional testing services (investigation work) may be proposed to quickly determine root cause and severity of the issue.
  • Should a problem ever be detected, Cherney provides a full range of additional services to help members address and implement appropriate next steps and corrective measures.

If you’ll be attending the International Cheese Technology Expo (ICTE) in Milwaukee from April 18-19, stop by to see Cherney at booth 1725 to learn more, or contact Cherney at 920-406-8300. Their team of account managers are skilled and knowledgeable in their offerings and are excited to work with ACS members.