Cheese Rally in Raleigh: Owning Our Future

Educational Sessions at the 29th Annual ACS Conference & Competition

August 1-4, 2012
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC

ACS is pleased to release a preview of the program* for the 29th Annual ACS Conference & Competition. Please note that all conference programming is open to registered attendees only, with the exception of the Festival of Cheese on Saturday, August 4, which is open to the public. Registration opens on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

Wednesday, August 1
• Regional tours
• Certified Cheese Professional™ Exam
• Communicating in a Food Safety Crisis: Deliver the Right Message to the Right Audience in the Right Way
• Food Safety and Artisan Cheesemaking: Advanced Risk Reduction Practices and Programs
• New Member/First Time Attendee Reception

Thursday, August 2
• Opening Keynote by noted author and expert on humane livestock handling, Temple Grandin
• ACS Town Hall Meeting
• Sensory and Technical Evaluation (Tasting)
• Creating a Vision of Greatness: Owning Our Future (General Interest)
• The Role of Veterinary Medicine in Health, Safety, and Quality (Cheesemaker Focus)
• Handling Cheese in a Retail Environment (Retailer Focus)
• North Carolina Wine and Cheese (Tasting)
• Cheese and Culture (General Interest)
• Succession Planning: A Case Study (Cheesemaker Focus)
• Promotions: Effective Execution & Realistic Expectations (Retailer Focus)
• Meet the Cheesemaker
• Opening Reception

Friday, August 3
• ACS Business Lunch
• Sensory and Technical Evaluation of Quality in Affinage (Tasting)
• Recruiting, Encouraging, and Assisting the Next Generation (General Interest)
• Creating a Vision of Greatness: Owning Our Future (General Interest)
• On-Farm Testing: An Aid to Good Practices (Cheesemaker Focus)
(Continued on reverse)
• American Cheese Month: Successes and Opportunities (Retailer Focus)
• Creating a Vision of Greatness: Owning Our Future (General Interest)
• North Carolina’s Bounty of Fermented Food (Tasting)
• Seasonality for Small Cheesemakers (Cheesemaker Focus)
• Romance and Reality: Translating Cheese Information for Consumers (Retailer Focus)
• Case Study on Recall and Traceability Project Planning: From Milk to Finished Product (General Interest)
• GMP’s, SOP’s: WTF (Retailer/Distributor Focus)
• Animal Welfare Approved (Cheesemaker Focus)
• Judging & Competition Awards Ceremony
• Awards Reception

Saturday, August 4
• ACS Judging & Competition: Start to Finish (Tasting)
• Health Benefits of Cheese (General Interest)
• Culture 201: Adjuncts and Protective Cultures (Cheesemaker Focus)
• Social Media: Developing YOUR Strategy (Retailer Focus)
• Coffee and Cheese (Tasting)
• The Rise of Food in the Triangle (General Interest)
• Affinage and Sanitation (Cheesemaker Focus)
• Best Practices Review and Working Session (Retailer Focus)
• Artisan Preserves and Cheese (Tasting)
• Certified Cheese Professional™ Exam (General Interest)
• Working Proactively to Assure Cheese Safety (Cheesemaker Focus)
• Is Opportunity Knocking? Should You Get It? (Retailer Focus)
• Festival of Cheese

*Schedule is subject to change.