Chad Vincent


Bio: As the lead marketer at Sartori Cheese, Chad and his team have been instrumental in building the Sartori brand and the retail business. Chad and his team have worked to advocate and promote the artisan cheese category by working with the American Cheese Society, milk boards, farmers, and retailers across the country. By way of background, Chad has been involved with building businesses big and small for over 25 years. A marketer at heart, prior to joining Sartori he worked as a CEO, President, and Chief Branding Officer at consumer products companies like Miller Brewing–Asia, Heinz, Fiskars, and Gerber, and he has worked on several boards. As part of giving back, Chad shared his background in marketing, social media and communications in teaching the Senior level Marketing class at Marquette University in Milwaukee. As a member of the National Ad Review Board and ANA, Chad has ongoing access and discussions with the top marketing minds in the country.

Statement of Intent: It would be a great honor to work with the American Cheese Society and their members in their efforts to provide advocacy, education, and business development for ACS members and the cheese industry. I believe that as an industry, we have an incredible opportunity to tell compelling stories to get the word out on numerous vital and time-sensitive topics. Today’s consumers and retailers are rapidly changing and they are highly interested in our industry. They have an insatiable appetite for education on our collective products as well as our policies and practices that impact their lives, their interests, and the environment. I believe that my marketing, board, and strategic background and expertise could help in communicating the industry’s and association’s stories to consumers, industry, and government.