Become an ACS CCP® Supporting Sponsor

Support Cheesemongers by Supporting the ACS CCP® Exam

As a cheesemaker, you take care in every product you create – and you care about how your cheese ultimately reaches the consumer. As a distributor, you shepherd products to the retailer, then entrust them to take it from there. The final task of getting cheese to consumers falls to cheesemongers…and no one takes more pride in caring for, promoting, and selling great cheese to U.S. consumers than ACS Certified Cheese Professionals® (ACS CCPs). ACS CCPs have proven their dedication to the safety, care, handling, display, appreciation, and sale of great cheese. 

ACS is seeking your support of CCPs and the ACS CCP® program to ensure its continued success and growth. COVID-19 brought many challenges, but it also offered some unique opportunities, one of which was shifting the CCP exam to an online format. This means the exam, and the CCP credential, are more accessible than ever – to cheesemongers in the U.S. and abroad. It also means that ACS must invest in this new digital format to ensure the integrity of the exam, its hosting platform, and its proctoring security.  

As an ACS CCP® Supporting Sponsor, you support the program and the mongers, all while gaining visibility among this exclusive group of cheese professionals with the following benefits: 

  • Logo recognition on the ACS website Certification page for 12 months 
  • Logo recognition in all emails pertaining to Certification for 12 months 
  • 15-minute video in the ACS Learning Center for 12 months  
  • One dedicated email to current CCPs (sent by ACS on your behalf) 

Become an ACS CCP® Supporter by sponsoring at the $5,000 level. 

Questions? Please reach out to Nora Weiser to learn more about this exciting opportunity!