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CCP Exam Question Submission

  • Please complete this form for each new exam question you compose. Remember, you can "Save and Continue" your work by clicking on the link at the bottom of the form. Once you click "Submit" your questions and documentation cannot be edited.

    You will need to fill out all of the following areas:

    • Question
    • Item Description
    • References
    • Cognitive Level
    • Level of Difficulty
    • Task Area
    • Knowledge Area

    Your question stem should be clear. For example, if you want people to provide an answer that is consistent with US FDA regulations, please include that in the stem ('According to US FDA regulations,...).

    Your distractors (incorrect answers) should all be plausible. Your correct answer should 'pop' for anyone who clearly knows the correct answer.

    If you need a refresher on Question Writing, please review the webinar recording. Here is the link to the webinar that reviewed the above information: The video is password protected because we don't want it publicly accessible. Here is the password to access it "ccpquestions2015"

  • Contact Information

  • Question

  • Item Description

  • In 35 characters or less, identify the theme of this question. This is a helpful tool when exam developers are searching for or selecting questions; they can have a quick glimpse without having to look at the entire question.

  • References for Correct Answer

  • This is essential. Include print references (page numbers are required), websites (URLs are required), etc. The greater the authority the better: USDA trumps CDR, for example, but both would be acceptable. 2-3 references are preferred. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference.

  • Cognitive Level

  • Please select the cognitive level of this question.

    • KNOWLEDGE/RECALL: The candidate must define a term, recall a fact, or identify information in the answer that corresponds to the information in the premise.

    • APPLICATION/INTERPRETATION: The candidate must apply a principle or theory to answer the questions, calculate using an equation, organize information in a new way, or analyze complex material.

    • PROBLEM SOLVING/EVALUATION: The candidate must formulate a procedure or plan to solve a problem, synthesize information into a comprehensive whole, or compare sets of information to arrive at the correct answer.

  • Level of Difficulty

  • Please select the level of difficulty for this question.

  • Task Areas

    This exam is meant to measure people's ability to work in cheese: whether they know enough about the tasks required of cheese professionals in any domain of our industry to be able to function at a minimal level of mastery. The following sections were compiled based on the ACS's jobs analysis conducted in 2017.

    Task areas are distinct from knowledge areas, so we've provided a separate section for you to indicate the knowledge areas. Each question should be related directly to some task that cheese professionals actually perform; esoteric or arcane knowledge is less important to this exam.

    There are six task areas; questions can pertain to one or two ask areas so please check only one or two task areas.

  • Knowledge Areas

    These choices correspond to the Body of Knowledge domains. They are areas of knowledge, as contrasted with tasks. Check as many as apply.

  • **Please Note: Once you have submitted a question, you cannot edit it. Please make sure you have refined your work before you submit this form.

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