Bruce Workman

Bio: Bruce has been involved in the cheese industry for the past 43 years and is the owner of Edelweiss Creamery in Monticello, WI. He received his Wisconsin Cheese Makers license in 1972. Bruce has continued his education by completing six Wisconsin Master Cheese making courses and currently holds eleven titles as a Wisconsin Master Cheese Maker. He has served on the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Board, South West Cheese Makers Association Board and the Foreign Type Cheese Makers Board. During his presidency of the SWCMA he implemented two scholarships for the Education of young dairy farmers. This program continues today. Bruce has taught many young men and women the art of cheese making. He has a passion for making artisan cheese and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Bruce is committed to making safe, quality cheese and to the progress of the cheese industry.

Statement of Intent: As a long time attendee and member of ACS, I have followed the educational process and watched it mature to where it is today. The first classes focused on the skills required to make traditional cheese. I believe that food safety is our overall biggest concern, though I would like to see more basic skills taught to new students. Instilling the passion to the next generation is vital so this industry will continue to grow. I would be honored to serve on the ACS Board of Directors.