Alyce Birchenough

Bio: Alyce Birchenough is a native of New Orleans and a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. She received a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition and worked for several years as a clinical nutritionist before meeting and marrying her husband, Doug Wolbert in 1978 in western Michigan.
Alyce began her career in cheesemaking as a homesteader and hobbyist with one Guernsey cow. In 1984, the couple made a cross country move to the Alabama Gulf Coast and established Sweet Home Farm, Alabama’s first licensed farmstead cheese operation and grass based dairy. Alyce is a charter member of ACS and served on the board of directors of the Raw Milk Cheesemakers’ Association. She a member of the Southern Cheesemakers’ Guild, Slow Food USA, and the World Wide Traditional Cheese Association. She has been a frequent presenter and volunteer at ACS conferences.

Statement of Intent: As a charter member of ACS it has been an inspiration to observe the phenomenal growth of the artisan cheese movement over the last 30 years. As a producer of raw milk cheeses, I will work to preserve the opportunity for cheesemakers to manufacture unpasteurized milk cheeses in the US. Focusing on expanding technical resources and educational opportunities for cheesemakers will be my priority. If elected, I look forward to serving with the ACS board of directors, regulators and the academic community to respond to emerging science, and to create alliances with organizations to help insure the continued safe and wholesome production of specialty cheeses.