Alex Armstrong, ACS CCP®

Alex Armstrong began his cheese adventure in the small town of Onondaga, Michigan as a cheese apprentice on Hickory Knoll Farms. After learning to make cheese and milk goats on this 300-goat dairy, he went on to learn more about the industry working at the counter at Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine in Chicago. After 2 years of mongering and eventually management, Alex decided to grow his skills and experience out West. As an ACS CCP®, Alex has worked with Mission Cheese for 2.5 years now and leads the event program as the Director of Events and Education.

Mission Cheese

Mission Cheese was founded in 2010 and opened its doors in April of 2011. Located in the Mission district in San Francisco, Mission cheese has been dedicated to providing American artisan cheese for 7 years. Its founders, Sarah Dvorak and Oliver Dameron, had a vision for a business that would, first and foremost, celebrate the blossoming American artisan cheese industry and provide an avenue for educating consumers about American cheeses and the artisanal food and beverage movement in general. Mission Cheese now sources over 450 different cheeses from more than 150 producers over the course of the year and is a firm supporter of the California Artisan Cheese Guild.