COVID-19 Resources

To help support our community during this pandemic, our team has curated a list of resources across a variety of topics. We encourage you to utilize these resources as you look to make your own business plans and stay informed.

Support and Save Your Local Cheesemakers and Shops

Looking to purchase cheese to get you through a shelter-in-place order? Our friends Janet Fletcher and Culture Magazine  are curating lists of cheesemakers and shops that you can order from for pickup, local delivery, or online delivery. Back to Top

Information and Data on COVID-19 

Get informed and stay up to date on the latest facts and data on the novel coronavirus. Back to Top

  • Learn more about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the National Institute of Health. This is a repository of useful links and resources and you can also subscribe to their mailing list for updates: National Institute of Health.
  • The Centers for Disease Control have shared the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 on their website.
  • The World Health Organization has created a dashboard for tracking the pandemic and the number of cases. You can find it here: Dashboard for tracking COVID-19
  • Need fact checking? Fight against misinformation with the Federation of American Scientists who have developed a website designed to combat misinformation: Coronavirus Project: Debunking Viral Misinformation

COVID-19 and Food Safety

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted by food but many organizations are addressing how you can be prepared. Back to Top

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Beyond the recommended standard disinfectant and hand-washing recommendations, the food industry has additional steps to take to ensure they are combating the spread of this virus effectively. Back to Top

Business Operations: Crisis Preparedness and Response

There are a range of templates and information available to help organize and guide your business through these challenging times. Back to Top

Shifting Your Business Model

Many in the food industry are making decisions to shift how they do business in order to stay afloat. Back to Top

Communications and Marketing

Flexing your business’ communication plan and timeline is a must right now and consultants and firms have advice on the best way to do so during a crisis. Back to Top

Supply Chain

While supply chain channels remain strong across the country, it’s good to be prepared in case of interruptions. Back to Top

Financial Relief

There have been a lot of programs, grants, and funds established since this pandemic broke in the U.S. Below are a few to help provide potential relief for you and your business. Back to Top

Education, Coaching and Support

While the world is going remote more and more each day, many companies are acknowledging the continued importance and value of speaking directly to a person for support. Back to Top

Upcoming Industry Webinars can be found on the ACS Industry Event Calendar

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Taking Care and Mental Health

It can be difficult to prioritize self care during times of great upheaval. We pulled together the following resources with the hope that they will help in the reduction of stress and anxiety of these rapidly changing times. Back to Top

Home and Personal Life

Prepare your home and bring yourself more peace of mind with the following resources. Back to Top

Giving Back

We know that many of our members are struggling right now. But if you’re looking for small ways to bring joy to others and share what you have here are some ideas. Back to Top