Conference Sessions

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2019 ACS Conference

Get ready for Richmond! Review the Conference Schedule and check out our Conference Highlights to learn more about the different types of programming offered and to help plan your conference experience. Please note these sessions are subject to change. Check back again soon for session descriptions and speakers.

General Sessions
Session NumberConcurrent Sessions
1Virginia Terroir: Made in Virginia Cheese & Wine
2Dairy Milk vs. Non Dairy: A Look At Consumer Trends, Nutrition Research, and Sustainability Findings
3Artisan Cheese Quality & Data Tracking
4A Delicious Challenge: Making and Selling American Sheep Milk Cheese
5Hot Topic!
6How Sweet Are You? The Science of Taste
7Open Networking: New Members
8Natural Wine, Natural Cheese
9Cheese Milk: Adding Value & Improving Quality
10Why is this Cheese So Expensive?
11Physical Rehab & Prevention
12ACS Town Hall
13Open Networking: Non-Dairy Coda: What Do We Do With The Data?
14Cheese Through the Judging Glass
15Dairy Farming, Climate Change, & the Marketplace
16ACS Retailer's Toolkit
17Mold: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
18How to Manage the Affinage of Surface Ripened & Cave Aged Cheese
19How Sweet Are You? The Science of Taste
20Open Networking: Tariffs & Cheese
21Non-Drinkers Guide to Cheese Pairing
22Improving Profits by Analyzing Data: Understanding All the Rules and When to Break Them
23From Milk to Table
24Having the Hard Conversations: How to STRIVE in your workplace
25Open Networking: Raw Milk Food Safety
26Washed Rind Cheese is For Lovers
27Intro to LEAN Management
28Happiness is the Only Logical Pursuit
29DZTA: Cheese Diagnostics - A Meta-Analysis of European research
30How Sweet Are You? The Science of Taste
31Open Networking: Retailers
32Historic & Contemporary: Virginia's Unique Fermentation Scene
33Servant Leadership
34Receiving, Triage, & Handling
35Whey Biogas
36Open Networking: Supply Chain
37Deep Dive: Essential Principles of Cheesemaking
38Cheese Defects: When Does a Quality Issue Become a Food Safety Issue?
39At The Vat ...
40Emotional Value and the Commodity Chain: The Ethos of Cheesemongering
41Scaling Up Cheese Production : Transitioning From a Local or One Off Featured Product to Larger Distribution and Retail Core Placement
42Open Networking: Canadians